NEW! April CEO/Founder Bootcamp

April 25-28, 2019

Know you're not alone. Join us for our NEW! April CEO/Founder Bootcamp.


  • “'Radical self-inquiry' is something I can’t really get enough of as a CEO. Reboot Bootcamp provides me with a framework that I can use every day, to better understand myself and how I interact with others. It’s had a profound impact on my life."

    Nick Francis

    Nick Francis

    CEO of Help Scout

  • "How can you justify the cost of being a more self​-​aware leader and human? If you want what's best for yourself and your organization, Reboot is a no​-​brainer."

    Joel Wiskovsky

    Joel Wiskovsky

    CEO of Simple Contacts​

  • "Best investment I've ever made in myself as a leader. Radical self-inquiry is a powerful mechanism to uncover blind spots, flat points, and also strengths. I was able to deeply reflect on what I wanted to change in my company's culture, Reboot gave me the skills to do that in a few short days. The impact has been tremendous at my start up. I highly recommend CEO Bootcamp for seasoned and budding leaders alike!"

    Zoe Barry

    Zoe Barry

    CEO of ZappRx

  • “I found just what I needed and it was different to what I was looking for. It has already changed my approach to leadership and everyday life.”

    Andrew Hume

    Andrew Hume

    CEO of Gowrie Victoria

  • “Put simply, it was the most powerful and moving experience of my life.”

    Dan Kador

    Dan Kador

    Co-founder of

  • “Reboot was a unique experience that I can recommend to any founder. Founders experience unique shared challenges across all stages of the company. Being in a group of amazingly self-aware founders who were willing to open up to the group about their struggles and, most importantly, listen to each other’s struggles was incredibly humbling. It takes courage to face your own struggles but there is no better partner than Reboot to help you start that journey. I loved every second of it.”

    Laura Behrens Wu

    Laura Behrens Wu

    CEO of Shippo

  • “I went to the bootcamp to improve my leadership style, but I improved my life instead. The bootcamp is that great and worth every penny. A life-transforming experience.”

    Amir Salihefendic

    Amir Salihefendic

    CEO of Doist

The 2019 CEO/Founder Bootcamp is April 25-28, 2019 at the Reboot Retreat Center in Boulder, Colorado. Join Team Reboot and 15 other leaders for a weekend retreat to reboot and refresh what it means to be a CEO.

You’re kicking ass, but being the CEO of a startup is f*cking hard. It can be lonely. Long hours. Constant demands. Never­-ending­-unforgiving­-to­-do ­lists. And no manual. Immerse yourself in the complexity and vulnerability of being a CEO with 15 other smart and courageous entrepreneurs. CEO Bootcamp will be a mix of pragmatic wisdom from Reboot, peer support, shared meals and lots of honest conversation. You will leave with a greater awareness of your personal leadership habits as well as a customized strategy for being the leader you want to be and a network of peers that you can rely on.

Our Bootcamps fill quickly so apply now. We’ll be accepting applications through March 18, 2019.


You + 15 other leaders will be immersed in a rigorous weekend of practical skills, radical self-inquiry, and peer support in Boulder, Colorado, at the Reboot Retreat Center. Led by celebrated Reboot coaches Daniel Putt, Jim Marsden, Andy Crissinger, Kate Saber & Jeff Riddle.


April 25-28, 2019. (The program begins Thursday evening and ends Sunday, April 28 at Noon. You’ll need to arrive at Denver International Airport by 2pm Thursday.)


Boulder, Colorado, at the Reboot Retreat Center. A room block is reserved for the group at the Niwot Inn & Spa.


The cost of the retreat is $8,000. This includes meals throughout the program and program activities. You will cover lodging at the Niwot Inn.


Eligibility & Fit

Are you eligible for the CEO Bootcamp? Here are some basic requirements:

  • You’re the CEO or founder of a start­up that has employees.
  • You’ve logged immeasurable hours and have made tremendous sacrifices.
  • You’ve had success with your company. You realize there is more to this game than “success.”
  • You may be tired, but you must be vulnerable, curious and courageous.

Is Bootcamp a fit for you?
If you’re coming to network with other CEOs, drum up business, party, or only solve the practical pragmatic problems in your business, Bootcamp is not for you.

  • Feel the need to address the problems in your leadership that seem to repeat themselves time and time again.
  • Can’t see clearly why you’re struggling.
  • Want to really understand how you’re being complicit in creating what you say you don’t want.
  • Want to explore how that which has gotten you here, may be keeping you small now, and if it’s time to change.

Bootcampers are ready to transform their lives and leadership…

  • They have a willingness to explore their own agency in bringing about change their lives.
  • They realize that living by everyone else’s rules and ideas is not going to scale, and they want to start leading from within (while paying attention to the lessons of those that have gone before them).
  • They often come to us when they are exhausted and depleted, and they are beginning to see that in order to scale themselves and their organizations they will have to become a different type of leader.
  • They care about more than just financial metrics–they hold a bigger frame when it comes to the concepts of success and a what constitutes a well-lived life.
  • They are ready to do the work of self-actualization and traverse all the hills and valleys in the process. They are willing to be open and vulnerable and to explore their unsorted baggage.


  • are interested in the root cause of patterns and understand how it’s important to break those patterns in order to grow.
  • are eager and ready to explore their own perspective and are deeply curious and are open to looking at things in different ways.
  • want to talk as much about the inner experience as they do with the outer.
  • are interested in learning about themselves and how they can think about building a stronger more sustainable organization.
  • are self-aware, who is willing to go deep, to be emotionally vulnerable, to be curious, to be willing to visit the past with an open curiosity.

On the fence if Bootcamp is right for you? Read what our alumni have to say about the importance of the camp, here.

If this sounds like you, then begin the application process.

Registration open. Payment will be due upon notification of acceptance of application. (View our cancellation policy here.)


Apply for our 2019 CEO/Founder April Bootcamp!

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