Reboot Your Listening

March 19, 2021
A unique virtual workshop for rebooting your listening practices.

Know you're not alone. Join us for our Reboot Your Listening.

  • "Reboot helped me step up to the plate, and understand how to be a genuine and authentic leader. It gave me the space, strength, and focus I needed to find my path and excel to be the best I can be."

    Misa Chien

    Misa Chien

    CEO of Praiseworthy

  • "How can you justify the cost of being a more self-aware leader and human? If you want what’s best for yourself and your organization, Reboot is a no-brainer.”

    Joel Wiskovsky

    Joel Wiskovsky

    CEO of Simple Contacts

  • "Reboot's team of amazing coaches are world-class at helping fast growth company leaders grow into their roles and develop leadership talents."

    Jeff Lawson

    Jeff Lawson

    CEO of Twilio

If the fundamental unit of work is a conversation, listening is the quieter, more powerful component of communication. We’ve found listening skills to be core to our work with clients and teams, as well as core to our work with clients 1-1. A culture of listening sets up the container for deeper conversations to happen through deeper inquiry. 

True listening is rare. And yet, we believe it’s among the most needed life and leadership skills of our time. 

Attentive, conscious listening not only connects us in meaningful ways with the other human beings in our lives (supporting strong, healthy relational bonds), but it can also profoundly impact practical results in our organizations. For example, when we listen consciously we promote freer flow of crucial information across positional and functional boundaries, we give ourselves and others more space to examine our mental models, and we’re more likely to be engaging in our work from a learning mindset. Listening supports better decision making, smarter problem solving, and more innovative solution creation.

The challenge is, we live in a culture of telling. Listening well is a hard skill to master, especially when the tide of the times is against us. 

The good news is, listening is a set of skills (a collection of practices) that can be taught. It just takes some time, intentionality, and a supportive community. 

Join us and other members of the Reboot community for “Reboot Your Listening,” a unique virtual workshop facilitated by Reboot coaches on March 19 at 9am PT / 12pm ET. 

We’ll introduce you to the core listening concepts and practices that have formed the foundation of our coaching and group work since Reboot’s inception, and give you the tools for implementing these practices in your own leadership.


You + a diverse group of leaders and learners looking to improve their listening skills, led by Team Reboot.


March 19, 2021. The program begins at 9am PT / 12pm ET and runs until 1pm PT / 4pm ET


Wherever you are! You’ll need a quiet, private spot to participate in the workshop.


The cost of this workshop is $299. Group and team rates are available. A full recording of the workshop will be made available to participants several days after the event.

Eligibility & Fit

Is The Reboot Your Listening Course a fit for you?
If you’re coming to network with other leaders, drum up business, party, or only solve the practical pragmatic problems in your business, this is not for you.

Looking to apply for a scholarship?
We are offering scholarship slots to this workshop for those who may not otherwise be able to attend, though we’re not sure how many spots we’ll have available. If you’d like to apply for a scholarship, you can do so by filling out this application. 

Custom Options.
Want this workshop privately facilitated for your leadership team or the entire company? We’ve got you covered. Let us work with you to develop a custom version to fit your organization’s unique needs. Interested? Get in touch here.