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Join us for the Fall 2017 Reboot Weekend for HR / People Ops Leaders + New Circle

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Join us for the Fall 2017 Reboot Weekend for HR / People Ops Leaders + New Circle

You’re responsible for all things people at a startup. That means recruiting, cultivating a healthy culture, keeping the employees happy and engaged, and dealing with the really tough shit when things get messy. Your team counts on you to be a servant leader–steady and wise. If you’re good at your job, you probably spend a lot of time listening to others. But do you have a sounding board? What if you had a community of like-minded peers, all dedicated to building healthy, thriving organizations, who you could count on to support you on your own leadership journey? If that sounds appealing, this experience could be for you.


To apply for this group, you should:

  • Be responsible for overseeing culture, HR, employee happiness, ops (or some combo thereof) for a startup
  • Be able to commit to regular attendance
  • Come with enthusiasm, curiosity, and a willingness be vulnerable and to help others
  • Group will launch with an in-person weekend at the Reboot Offices in SF – October 27-29*
  • Group will meet twice per month.  Days and meeting times TBD.
  • Group members will commit to meeting together for six months (12 meetings).

*About the in-person weekend: We’ve designed the experience to be like a mini bootcamp, with exercises to support your own self-reflection and leadership development. You’ll have the chance to connect with other members of your Circle and with the broader community of HR/People Ops leaders working with Reboot.

  • In-person launch at the Fall Reboot Weekend for HR/People Ops Leaders (Oct 27-29 at Reboot Offices in SF)
  • After in-person weekend, the group meets virtually (video conference), twice a month, for 1.5 hours each meeting.

Participation costs $500/month (extra $500 charge for in-person weekend)

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