Reboot Coaches & Team Experience Facilitators

We believe that helping clients develop the managerial skills necessary to do the job is important but not enough to create the transformation they are seeking. To be a leader, they must also cultivate a fearless willingness to look deeply through self-inquiry.

“I believe in helping people open their hearts, minds, and souls to reveal their inner beauty and shine their inner diamond. As we clear away our dusty webs and allow ourselves to shine brightly, we are able to express our beauty through all aspects of our life, including our work.”

Jacquie’s passion is bringing mindfulness, authenticity, and wholeness into the workplace. With a career spanning twenty years in a progressive series of roles across marketing, sales, strategy, and operations, Jacquie has advised everyone from Fortune 500 leadership teams to start-up CEOs across a variety of industries including technology, healthcare, retail, and financial services. Having worked at Goldman Sachs and Bain, she leveraged her strength in strategy and analytics to lead and scale a high-growth organization during her 6-year tenure at Google. Jacquie combines her operational and organizational development expertise, with her eight years of leadership and development experience to support business leaders in maximizing both their leadership potential and their human potential.

Jacquie is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, a certified Master NLP Practitioner and she is certified as an Integral Coach from New Ventures West. Jacquie also has a Masters of Science from Cornell University and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.