Practical Skills

+ Radical Self Inquiry

+ Shared Experiences

= Enhanced Leadership + Greater Resilience

This formula is behind all that we do. We’ve designed our offerings to reboot your leadership whether you’re a CEO, founder, c-suite or employee.

“Coaching is a calling and a passion for me. My goal is to inspire, energize and empower those I work with to share their signature strengths with the world.”

As a former lawyer practicing in technology and corporate areas, Kathryn brings over 20 years of strategic counsel and communications experience to her coaching and facilitation. In addition to 1:1 coaching, Kathryn has lead learning and leadership development projects at Google, Yahoo!, SAP, Brocade, Sephora and Asana, among other start-ups and mid-sized companies. Her experience as a trusted and valued counselor underlie her ability to act as a strategic business partner to those she coaches. Kathryn’s pragmatic, intuitive approach to 1:1 coaching works through real-world scenarios to support her clients to achieve tangible outcomes that will make the most difference to them and their organization.