Reboot Coaches & Team Experience Facilitators

We believe that helping clients develop the managerial skills necessary to do the job is important but not enough to create the transformation they are seeking. To be a leader, they must also cultivate a fearless willingness to look deeply through self-inquiry.

“Being thoughtful about how we relate to our work and one another is one of the most important things that we bring to our role. Sorting out what’s yours, what’s mine, what’s ours and what’s about the role is hard work. And, there is no right answer, only many possibilities.”

Marc Maltz has helped CEOs, Presidents, Boards and senior officers to develop and transform their organizations, manage risk and improve productivity for over 20 years.

His work in organizational and leadership development, change management and organizational resilience has enabled clients to gain critical personal insight to tackle difficult situations and achieve new levels of success. Marc specializes in helping clients develop organizational resiliency, a key component for any firm navigating complex business conditions, shifts in the marketplace or other organizational trauma.

He is a Registered Organizational Development Professional, and a member of the A.K. Rice Institute and the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations. He is on the Board of Directors for the Gordon Lawrence Foundation and Patron Technologies. Marc has an M.B.A. and holds postgraduate certificates from MIT, the Wharton School and the William Alanson White Institute for Psychology and Psychoanalysis.