Mindfulness Circle

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Groups are launched seasonally, and membership is offered to the first six qualified and curated members. 

“A moment of mindfulness is a moment of freedom.” – Sharon Salzberg

“Attending to your attention means bending the beam of observation in order to see yourself.” – Otto Scharmer & Katrin Kaufer, Leading from the Emerging Future

Although it’s said that we now live in an ‘attention economy’ there’s very little conventional wisdom in our modern culture on how to train attention.  Within the world’s wisdom traditions, which wrote the books on training attention, there’s very little on how to bring one’s full presence to bear on the challenges of working & living in the digital age.  In order to tackle the challenges of today, we need the wisdom of yesterday, remixed and reimagined for our time & place.

In this leadership group, we’ll support each other in the practice and application of mindfulness.  For those new to this practice, you’ll be asked to establish a regular habit of mindfulness.  Our practice will take the form daily meditation exercises (formal practice) and the integration of mindfulness into our everyday situation (life practice).  By establishing mindfulness as a regular habit we’ll learn to work more skillfully with stress, overwhelm, and the constant uncertainty of leading in the digital age.



To apply for this group, you should:

  • Be in a leadership role
  • Be willing to take up a regular practice of mindfulness  for at least 10 minutes / day
  • Be able to attend 90% of your group meetings during this commitment
  • Come with enthusiasm, curiosity, and a willingness be vulnerable and to support others