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Seeing clearly our strengths and weaknesses as well as understanding how we are perceived is the basis for any leadership development plan. We cannot grow if we don’t understand the work we have to do. A clearly-articulated, well-rounded performance review is the basis for this plan.

“The Reboot 360 process is amazing. The clarity and honesty of this is excellent. As a board member, these are the best 360 performance reports I’ve seen.”

Ali Schultz

Fred Wilson
Union Square Ventures

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360° Reviews

  • "Reboot's 360 process gave me the honest feedback I needed to see my strengths and areas of growth in a beautiful light. Combined with one on one coaching, I've used this newfound self-awareness to execute a new roadmap. Reboot accelerated my leadership and my company is skyrocketing."

    Tiffany Dufu

    Tiffany Dufu

    Founder & CEO, The Cru

  • "The Reboot 360 was helpful because it illuminated my top three strengths & weaknesses, which was really effective in surfacing the most important areas without overwhelming me with an unorganized dump of everyone's thoughts. It also made feedback that I knew about (or didn't know of) much more concrete because there were detailed examples within each development theme, making the feedback powerful and thorough. This 360 has been a very valuable tool for my professional development."

    Simon Kreuz

    Simon Kreuz

    President & Co-founder, Shippo

  • “Reboot’s 360 review process was thorough and incisive, and it resulted in a report full of helpful insights for our portfolio CEO and the business. It was particularly useful to me and the other board members, as it provided a framework for us to use in helping the CEO grow as a leader, and measuring his progress against objectives. I’ve since brought Reboot into other companies I work with.”

    Matt Harris

    Matt Harris

    Managing Director, Bain Capital Ventures

  • “This was the first time I’ve done a 360 as CEO and Reboot blew it out of the water. They interviewed more than a dozen people and really helped me understand my strengths and blind spots as a leader–there were surprises on both sides. I’ve since been able to leverage the feedback to amplify the good stuff and attack my blind spots head on. I’m grateful for the opportunity and encourage other leaders to do the same.”

    Isaac Oates

    Isaac Oates

    CEO of JustWorks

  • “Strongly recommend the Reboot 360 experience for CEOs and senior leaders. The most effective way I’ve experienced for deeply understanding your superpowers and weaknesses. Provides a great foundation for personal and team growth.“

    Matt Munson

    Matt Munson

    CEO & Co-founder of Twenty20

360 Performance Reviews are a valuable way to get solid feedback from your team, co-founders, board members, and other stakeholders. A 360 helps you make course corrections in your leadership that support your professional and organizational growth. The compiled feedback report allows you to see what’s working, what’s not working, and what needs changing. Our process helps you identify viable steps which can be put into action with the support of your coach.

It’s often said that feedback is a gift. But what’s rarely admitted is the fact that it’s often a gift we’d rather return. And yet our leadership prowess depends on our ability to identify what is true and what is not. Discernment, the ability to cut through our own delusion with fierce honesty, is one of the qualities that separate leaders from managers.

Seeing our strengths and weaknesses clearly as well as understanding how we are perceived is the basis for any leadership development plan. We cannot grow if we don’t fully understand what we do.

A clearly-articulated and well-rounded performance review is the basis of this plan. This active manifestation of what we call “radical self-inquiry” is the best way to start rebooting your leadership.

Reboot’s 360 Performance Review Process

We’ve found that 360 reviews administered via questionnaire and producing ratings and numbers aren’t as effective as detailed and feedback-rich processes. Our process is high-touch:

  1. You identify 10-12 people who have insight into your behavior and performance to serve as reviewers. They will share their observations of areas you wish to improve. We will, in turn, use that feedback to personalize our standard set of interview questions.
  2. You complete a self-assessment, identifying what you perceive to be your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth.
  1. We conduct in-depth interviews with each of your reviewers.
  2. We collect the compile the responses anonymously into a detailed report, highlighting important themes that emerge from the feedback.
  3. You and your coach review the feedback report together and co-create a personalized, actionable development plan.

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Strengths and Weaknesses: Most Common Trends in Startup Executives & Leaders

We analyzed all of the 360 Degree Reviews we conducted between 2018 and 2020 with the goal of discovering insights into the strengths and weaknesses of startup executives. These three white papers detail our findings across roles, company size, and in leadership generally. These insights are indispensable for any current or aspiring startup executive seeking to learn from others’ experiences and realize their potential as a leader.

Intensive Interviews vs. Questionnaires

One reason companies use a questionnaire/quantitative system for feedback collection is that they scale much more affordably and efficiently across large worker populations. Multiple choice questionnaires are easy to score and if properly created can be reliable tools. And yes, there are some good ones out there.

However, to be effective, the chosen instrument must align with a clearly defined leadership model with competencies mapped to specific on-the-job behaviors. The tool and the model must support the context of your company. That includes values, vision, and culture etc. Additionally, quantitative assessments need to be tested for things like test-retest consistency, internal consistency, and inter-rater agreement.

Interview-based 360s are obviously more labor-intensive than quantitative questionnaires, but they have some great advantages for our client base which is typically made up of founders of high-growth, rapidly-changing startups. Interviews can yield more nuanced information about a leader’s impact within an organization. We can ask follow-up questions and draw out specific examples. We can clarify statements to get to more helpful levels of specificity. As we establish rapport during the interview process, reviewers will share things they might not reveal in an online questionnaire. Our method supports the depth and highly personal nature of our client relationships.

360s Performed by a Trained Coach

We only perform 360 reviews as part of an ongoing coaching relationship. Here’s why:

  • Landmark studies on coaching buttress the importance of supportive follow-up after feedback is received. It facilitates developmental action planning and the practice of targeted behaviors.
  • In one of the few prospective empirical studies conducted on the impact of executive coaching, researchers reported that after receiving 360-degree feedback, managers who worked with a coach were significantly more likely to set measurable and specific goals and solicit ideas for improvement. They subsequently received significantly improved performance ratings (Smither et al., 2003).
  • Other research found that in six weeks of executive coaching after 360-degree feedback, performance increased by 60 percent (Thach, 2002).
  • In a much-cited study in the public sector, another team of researchers found that employee feedback and coaching for two months increased productivity above the effects of a managerial training program for 31 clients (Olivero et al., 1997).

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