Equine Facilitated Coaching

In this arena, the horses hold the lessons for whatever questions you bring with you regardless of what you’re working on. The results are often breakthroughs that arrive more quickly with a deeper, felt sense of impact from these experiences than could have been discovered through conversations or problem-solving techniques.

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Equine-Facilitated Coaching

  • "I was amazed at how much there was to learn about myself, my relationships, and my leadership in our work with the horses. I began as a total skeptic and ended as a huge believer in what these incredible animals have to teach us. "

    Matt Munson

    Matt Munson

    CEO of Twenty20

  • "Working with the horses at Reboot was profound. Even though I've spent much time with horses, I have never taken the opportunity to delve deeply into the deeply spiritual work with them. This work opened many doors in my own exploration." 

    John Winsor

    John Winsor

    Founder and CEO of Speakeasy Guild

  • "There is a strength and peace in being grounded, like the horse. Their equanimity is something to aspire to. I learned that when working with horses there is a dramatic difference between pulling them and walking beside them. I later realized that the same is true for people."

    Matt Lieber

    Matt Lieber

    Co-founder of Gimlet Media


Equine-Facilitated Coaching creates a container for learning that provides immediate insights and interpersonal reflection about your relationship with self, others, and life with horses as your guides, partners, and mirrors. No prior horse experience is necessary and no riding is involved.

In this arena, the horses hold the lessons for whatever questions you bring with you regardless of what you’re working on. Explore radical self-inquiry, deep listening, self-mastery, collaborative leadership, partnership, and non-predatory uses of power. Grounded in evidence-based research into the neurobiological approach to learning, working with horses engages the limbic pathway where the rewiring of emotional and psychological habits is possible and transformational.

Individual Sessions
Individual sessions with the horses go deep quickly as we explore whatever’s at work for you. How do you show up in relationship to yourself, to others, and to life? How does your energy impact others? What might you need to learn about boundaries? What perspectives and mental models are actually limiting us, or keeping us back; and, what other perspectives are there? As you attune to your self through the mirror of a horse, you can uncover the ways of being in the world that are keeping you complicit in what you say you don’t want, and learn how you affect the field around you with your presence.  

Pair With A 360 Review
A session with the horses is great to pair with a 360-degree leadership development review. Working in tandem with the 360 feedback session, you’ll glean more insight into how you are as a leader, and how you might be more effective.

A Team Experience
Bring the wisdom of the herd to your next team offsite or executive team reboot. Interaction and learning with the herd can surface team dynamics and offer new ways to work together. Group experiences take place at Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, Colorado, or at our sister facility in Tesuque, outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  • "I am convinced that contact with a horse can help the process by teaching patience, the need to listen and observe, self-control, and empathy.”

    Frederic Pignon

    Horseman, author, founder of Cavalia

  • “The horse is a mirror, it goes deep into the body. When I see your horse I see you too. It shows me everything you are.”

    Ray Hunt

    Legendary horseman

  • “Horses don’t see us for what we have. They see us for who we are.”

    Guy McLean

  • “For horses can educate through first hand, subjective, personal experiences, unlike human tutors, teachers, and professors can ever do. Horses can build character, not merely urge one to improve on it. Horses forge the mind, the character, the emotions and inner lives of humans.”

    Charles de Kunffy

    Equestrian & author

  • “The horse is a mirror to your soul. Sometimes you might not like what you see. Sometimes you will.”

    Buck Brannaman

    Horseman & author


By giving us greater awareness of ourselves and the field we create, horses teach elusive yet essential personal growth and organizational change concepts in ways that are experienced, felt, and help reshape our neural landscape to support new growth and possibilities.

As prey animals, the equine nervous system is hyper-specific, which means they have an acute sensitivity which can read what’s happening on the landscape in a half mile radius around them. Horses can also pick up on emotions and feeling states of herd members. When you are in their presence, as part of the herd, they can read you too. In that way, they can help us find congruence in ourselves with who we really are, how we are being, and how our wholeness serves the whole herd.

Equine Facilitated Coaching sessions guide us to:

  • Discover our most innate way of being in the world
  • Develop and master non-verbal skills
  • Develop inner resourcefulness in the face of challenges
  • Work through a power-with dynamic vs. a power-over dynamic
  • Be present, and know its impact
  • Create trust and safety
  • Develop the ability to self-regulate, and regulate others
  • Gain clarity of intention
  • Have sane, safe, mutually supportive relationships
  • Stay calm in a crisis
  • Practice the art of collaborative leadership
  • Access our wisdom

Horses seek harmony and equanimity. In the herd, the leader is the horse that moves the least. The leader is also the one who cares the most. The leader can lead the herd into unknown territories, by managing her own fears. Horses don’t lie: what they feel, they express. There is much we can learn from how the herd operates, and how we operate within the herd, and how we are as leaders in our organizations.

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