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We believe that helping clients develop the managerial skills necessary to do the job is important but not enough to create the transformation they are seeking. To be a leader, they must also cultivate a fearless willingness to look deeply through self-inquiry.

“The best way to overcome the inevitable loneliness of life at the top may be to connect and mindfully attend to the process that’s already underway – the unconscious sharing that undergirds every relationship.”

Jerry Colonna is the CEO, and co-founder, of, an executive coaching and leadership development firm whose coaches and facilitators are committed to the notion that better humans make better leaders. For nearly 20 years, he has used the knowledge gained as an investor, an executive, and a board member for more than 100 organizations to help entrepreneurs and others to lead with humanity, resilience, and equanimity. Previous to his career as a coach he was a partner with JPMorgan Partners (JPMP), the private equity arm of JP Morgan Chase. He joined JPMP from Flatiron Partners, which he launched 1996 with partner, Fred Wilson. Flatiron became one of the most successful, early-stage investment programs in the New York City area. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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Reboot ’s co-founder and CEO Jerry Colonna is a certified professional coach, who draws on a wide variety of experiences to help clients design a more conscious life and make needed changes to improve their performance and satisfaction. He established his coaching practice in 2007. Prior to this work, Colonna was a venture capitalist focused on investing in early-stage technology-related startups.

In 2002, Colonna became a partner with J.P. Morgan Partners (JPMP), which was the private-equity arm of J.P. Morgan Chase, where he co-led the firm’s investments in technology and media.

He joined JPMP from Flatiron Partners. With his partner, Fred Wilson, Colonna launched Flatiron in August 1996. Flatiron became one of the most successful, early-stage investment programs.

Colonna joined his first venture firm, CMG@Ventures L.P. in February 1995 as a founding partner. CMG@Ventures was the first “Internet-specific” venture firm. Prior to joining @Ventures, Colonna worked for ten years for CMP Media Inc. From 1985 to 1993, he served in a variety of roles at InformationWeek, including a three-year stint as its Editor.

Colonna also serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees at Naropa University. Naropa University the only accredited Buddhist-inspired university in North America.

He also serves on the Board of Trustees at the Tibetan Village Project, a not-for-profit, non-political organization dedicated to creating sustainable livelihoods for Tibetans through social entrepreneurship and educational opportunities.

He is also a director at the Good Work Institute, whose mission is to educate and connect a network of local community members and actively support their collaborative efforts to regenerate their places.

The recipient of numerous awards and a compelling speaker on topics ranging from leadership to starting businesses, Colonna has been named to Forbes ASAP’s list of the best VCs and Worth’s list of the 25 most generous young Americans. A graduate of Queens College, Colonna lives in Boulder, Colo.

“There is fundamental shift happening in the way people view work. It’s not just a job or a paycheck anymore. Our work is the expression of our natural gifts intersecting with the needs of the world. This is the purest realization of human potential.”

Khalid is a certified professional coach and founder of Clients praise Khalid’s insight and empathy, as well as his ability to transform complicated webs of story into simple strings of actionable steps. He works with founders and leadership teams looking to move through change and growth purposefully. His guiding purpose is to empower the people who will build the organizations he wants to see in the world his children will grow up in. Khalid has over ten years experience working in startups, both as a founder and turnaround CEO.

If we don’t work on our stuff, our stuff will work on us. It will run our lives–and show up in our offices and relationships–until we take the reins of responsibility for our own well being.

After working in a variety of startups and a life-time of soul-based explorations, Ali helped bring forth in 2014 when she co-founded the company. She knows the ways of soul, savvy, and magic and she has brought those deep skills and her big heart into her work as COO of Reboot. In that role, she executes and manifests deftly, with clarity and grace. More, too, as a coach, she moves with ease from ally to challenger to guide. Her superpower is getting her clients (and her colleagues) to tap into their innermost being, their source of creativity and innovation, in order to bear the rigors of work/life existential challenges. And, all the while, making you laugh from the very core of your belly.

She knows that regardless of what you’re going through, whatever situation you’re in, the most important conversation you can have is the one with your own heart and the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. She helps clients hear the clarity of their own voice and trust their inner knowing so that they can then align their life with purpose and lead from that place. So that you can manifest what it is you are here to do in this lifetime. Creating humane workplaces of safety and connection is an inside job that begins within each of us.

Ali seamlessly and deftly weaves together her business acumen with the innate wisdom of the body, the philosophies of the world’s wisdom traditions, and the way of the horse to help clients find their voice so that they can find themselves. She draws on her more than a dozen years in business as an operator managing projects, teams, and human resources, and developing brands. Before Reboot, she worked with Jerry Colonna to create the life-changing CEO & Founder Bootcamps in the US and abroad.

With a Masters degree in religious studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Ali has studied Transformational NLP at NLP Marin, completed the facilitator program at the Center for Collaborative Awareness, and is a certified EQUUS Experience Facilitator in Equine Facilitated Coaching. She is an avid horsewoman. Her popular newsletters on ‘The Art of Being Human at Work’ live primarily at the Reboot Blog but have also been published by spirituality and meaning experience called OnBeing.

“When we’re facing challenges that appear oppressive to our spirit, or thwart our will to achieve, we come to a threshold that, if crossed, can usher us into a new way of seeing ourselves and the world around us. We gain a new stance that we couldn’t think our way into. Leaning into these crossings is to lean into our emerging leadership and humanity.”

Intensely interested in the human experience, Jim guides individuals and organizations through transitions while stepping more fully into their lives. He’s keen to help entrepreneurs and start-up organizations discover their own authentic expression of leadership and the meaningful contributions that come from it. Jim has extensive cross-cultural experience and has worked in settings around the globe. As a speaker and workshop facilitator, he is engaging on topics of leadership, innovation, design thinking and transformative change and has presented in a variety of gatherings and venues including MIT, Yale University, Michigan State University, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and a variety of community and professional settings.

Jim is a Senior Fellow of the Presencing Institute, offering training and assistance in the application of Theory U – a methodology of transformative change. He is also a teacher of Authentic Leadership and advisor for the new Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa University. Jim has led programs for and is a former governing council member for the Authentic Leadership in Action Institute, is an advisor to Michigan State University’s Doctor of Educational Leadership program, has been a guide with the Animas Valley Institute for over 10 years, and currently co-guides the annual quest for Naropa’s Masters in Wilderness Therapy candidates.

 “I believe “strong back, open heart” leadership is the key to building great companies. The strong back is represented by fiscal discipline, strong process, and accountability. The soft, open-hearted front are values, purpose, connectedness, and compassion. Organizations and people are at their best when they manifest both in equal balance.”

Chad Dickerson was CEO of Etsy from July 2011 to May 2017. He grew Etsy from a chaotic startup to a publicly-traded company, growing revenue 14x during his tenure while leading intense organizational growth and change. Under Chad’s leadership, Etsy was known for its leadership in combining high-growth business with an intense commitment to values-led culture and social responsibility.

Chad has a deep engineering background and served as CTO at Etsy from September 2008 until stepping into the CEO role three years later. Before joining Etsy, Chad held leadership roles in technology and product management at companies of many sizes and stages: Yahoo, IDG/InfoWorld, Salon, CNN, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The (Raleigh, NC) News & Observer.

Chad lives in Brooklyn. He is currently serving as a Cornell Tech Fellow. He serves on the boards of two non-profit arts organizations: St. Ann’s Warehouse and the Jalopy Theater and School of Music. Chad holds a BA in English literature from Duke University where he focused on the works of Shakespeare, the world’s best writer about the challenges of leadership (“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”)

“We have a choice every day when we show up at work. We can choose to dial it in, or we can choose to be radically human, to use work as a means to move more deeply toward who we are. When we choose the latter path, we open ourselves to truly reaching our greatest potential as humans.”

Heather’s sweet spot is at the intersection of entrepreneurship, purpose, and human actualization.

She followed this narrative thread throughout her career, first as an indie bookstore owner, and then as a therapist and coach, before becoming an executive. At Etsy, she was SVP of Members and Community, building and leading Etsy’s member operations, community and policy teams in supporting Etsy’s 20 million sellers, and later worked in an executive role that focused on integrating values into Etsy’s business and culture. She is known as a highly skilled manager, with deep experience growing and scaling large operational teams and developing mindful leaders and cultures. She has a BA in English and an MA in Counseling Psychology.

Heather believes that building a great business or developing as a leader is equal parts art and science, metrics and intuition, idealism and pragmatism, and her coaching honors these dual aspects. She supports her clients in both addressing the operational and managerial aspects of growing a business and the deeply soulful work of discovering one’s identity as a leader.

“Your leadership style reflects your relationship with yourself. When you shift internally, it reflects externally.  Every day you make hundreds of decisions based on your set of beliefs. They drive your behavior and shape you as a leader.”

Kate encourages clients to surface their beliefs and the identity that fuels them. With this awareness, the client can expand their choices about their current reality and future. Kate helps them “revise” their internal software to support them in having more of what they want. In fully honoring themselves, the client becomes a catalyst for bringing out the best in those around them. As these leaders change, their companies and teams transform – becoming emotionally and spiritually safe environments that breed collaboration and innovation.

Kate served as a strategic partner across L&D and HR functions within Apple, Tilt and Airbnb on her mission to build teams that ignite authenticity. Her mix of corporate and start-up experience makes her well suited for clients preparing for scale and hypergrowth. A certified Master NLP practitioner, Kate helps clients appreciate the design of the brain and work in alignment with it to drive profound business and personal results.

“Entrepreneurship is ultimately an act of creative expression. Which means you are doing work from your soul. You are a builder, a strategist, an operator, a leader… to do all of that with a deep sense of feeling and purpose can turn executing a roadmap into a truly transformational experience. Creating a company and nurturing an enduring culture, may be one of life’s greatest portals into finding out what is at your core and who you are continually becoming.”

Albert is an executive coach, designer, and start-up advisor based in NY. He serves as a strategic thought partner and coach to both founders and investors, and believes that the most impactful companies and funds will be those that operate with a clear purpose and deep-seated set of values leading their way.

Albert has a deep background at the intersection of design, business, and culture development. He is also currently the Designer-in-Residence at NEA. In this role, he works closely with portfolio companies supporting them with product, design, and organizational development strategies and execution. Previously, he was the Managing Director of IDEO’s New York office, where he brought more than a decade of experience in digital product, communication, and venture design to bear, in addition to building high performing creative cultures. He specialized in developing new offerings and incubating ventures for clients based on consumer insights and has worked with companies such as Target, American Express, SoulCycle, and Ford.

Albert was also named to Fast Company’s 1000 Most Creative People in Business in 2014. He is an ICF certified professional coach and has been known to make extensive use of a whiteboard with lots of drawings and different colors in coaching with his clients.

“From a place of Authentic Self-expression a true leader unfolds. Connecting to deepening rapport with Self changes Life’s unfolding (forever).”

Jen is an executive & personal coach, group facilitator, and certified NLP Master Practitioner. She passionately assists her clients on their path to a more conscious life, fully stepping into being whole. Many clients comment that Jen’s work is so transformative words simply don’t do it justice.

Jen’s corporate executive & private practice experience spans over 18 years of building high performing teams & individuals. Infinitely willing to meet the client wherever they are on the journey, Jen is confident and authentic in style. She leads through “extreme conflict” with clarity & insight which assists in developing a strong culture to support company values, navigating through challenging mergers/acquisitions and communicating through rapid company growth.

Guided by her strong intuition and deep knowledge of the human experience, Jen gets to the core of what “holds the client back” from living the life they want. One of her most gratifying discoveries working with clients is their enjoyment of the work and the continued growth. Jen thrives on being present to those special “ah ha” moments when the clients connection to themselves and life is forever changed.

The form of your life is designed. By you. The process of revealing the seemingly invisible structures that support the form is a profound journey connecting you to the wonderfully meaningful desires you have for yourself and the world. Every day is another opportunity to re-design how you show up on the journey, every day becoming more and more you.

Chris is an executive coach, licensed architect and passionate listener. His training as both a designer and coach informs how he works with clients by endeavoring to understand and hold where they are as valid, which provides a safe place to create what they most want in their personal and professional lives. For his entire career he has been engaging groups and individuals to craft sustainable solutions that are thoughtful and unapologetically beautiful. Chris believes that we are constantly in a state of transformation and learning, he holds a Post-Graduate degree in Alternative Design from Archeworks and a Master Practitioner certification from NLP Marin.

“We all have aspirations, things we want to achieve. I believe the true formula to achieving our goals is already within us, but is often buried under the burden of our daily lives. I am truly privileged to help people unlock the wisdom that they already possess, and define their own unique path to success.”

From first-time jobholders to late-professionals at Yahoo, Google, and Lyft – to name a few – Courtney helps uncover blocks to individual success so her clients walk away with the confidence and pragmatic approaches needed to be more effective leaders. In addition to corporate coaching, Courtney founded her own triathlon club where she coached a membership of over fifty athletes. Prior to coaching, Courtney worked for 15 years in the fields of technology and sports marketing and has held leadership roles at AOL, Handspring and Webroot Software. Her strong understanding of corporate dynamics allows her to coach management teams within challenging, fast-paced environments.

“As leaders, we are a product of our distinct set of experiences, values and obstacles. Lasting change and organizational impact is created when you have the space & support to examine yourself fully in the context of your role as a leader.”

Jeff Riddle coaches high-performing leaders through periods of introspection and evolution. Clients include CEOs/founders of venture-backed start-ups through acquisition, leaders at companies like Facebook, and individuals from all around the world seeking deeply personal guidance. From interpersonal relationships to leadership skills, from optimizing performance to career satisfaction, the work takes different forms. In the end, the result is dramatic transformation of your sense of self and relationship with the world around you both professionally and personally.

After immersing himself in the startup world in both Manhattan and San Francisco, Jeff now lives in the midwest where he is happily married and devoted to his two young children. In his spare time, he is an avid runner, chef, and musician.

“I am passionate about recovering the lost art of listening well. In this culture of “telling” we are driven to make assertions, give opinions, and push messages. Yet humble inquiry is the gateway to true learning. And listening well to another human being is a sacred gift–one that can help bring about transformation in our relationships and in our organizations.”

Andy is an executive coach, group facilitator, and trainer. He leads Reboot’s internal training and development efforts to support our roster of coaches in their own growth toward mastery and finds his sweet spot balancing direct client work with “building the machine” that is Reboot. In addition to playing an instrumental role designing many of Reboot’s programs and offerings (including Circles, 360s, and Team Experiences), Andy has supported individual leaders and teams at many high growth tech companies (including globally distributed orgs and post-IPO firms). He has a special place in his heart for People Ops leaders and early stage CEOs.

Andy has wide-ranging experience as an educator, pastor, startup leader, and as an instructional designer crafting courses for Fortune 500 companies–the common thread through it all has been a devotion to supporting individuals and groups toward growth, authenticity, and effectiveness. He holds a BA in English and a Masters in Education and is a certified coach and NLP practitioner.


“Helping others find the opportunity – for joy, excitement, beauty – and growth within the wild roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship fuels my passion for this work. After all, the goal isn’t to avoid the bumps, it’s to keep our eyes open and our hands up.”

Dan Putt is an entrepreneur and Chief Product Officer for As a four time founder, Dan understands the ups, downs and terrifying free falls that accompany the startup life. Dan strives to help others bring their best, most full self to every moment. He believes that on the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship, the goal is not to avoid the bumps, it’s to keep our eyes open and our hands up. Dan holds a degree in marketing from Ohio State University and is an ICF certified coach.

“Creating a workplace that is at the same time human and successful is the future of work. I have seen first hand how so many leaders are yearning for a different kind of leadership culture to take their companies forward and create growth, innovation and success without losing their humanity in the process. How we define and do “our work” is changing and this is the possibility that is there to step into.”

Angela has a commercial background in leading talent functions in hospitality, travel, and technology. For the last six years as Global Head of Talent Development for Salesforce, she has overseen the employee and leadership development of a workforce of 11,000 to over 45,000 employees today. Introducing and building a talent function for scale and with deep purpose has been her life’s work.

Angela is a certified professional coach and has lived and worked in Europe and the US. Her purpose is to help create a better workplace for her daughter’s generation.

“Over the years, I’ve seen so many leaders gain confidence, certainty, and conviction in their lives and careers. What they all have in common is the willingness to be vulnerable — to say what they really feel, who they really are, and what they really need. That’s the source of power that sustains, and that’s where I like to work.”

Anita is an executive coach, group facilitator, and certified NLP Practitioner based in San Francisco. She leads the Knowledge Program at First Round Capital, where she helps hundreds of technology founders and executives connect with one another, candidly share what keeps them up at night, and learn what they need to build better companies. Throughout her previous experiences at Deutsche Bank, MTV, Nickelodeon, and her MBA program at Wharton, she’s helped individuals achieve deep introspection, and given them a platform to share stories that inspire and build community. Whether it was launching a women’s peer group within the bank or a storytelling series for business students, she leads with curiosity and empathy that empowers others to find their voice. What are they thinking about? What do they want? What makes them comfortable enough to share and create change? Anita has an innate ability to find these answers collaboratively and to support clients on their journeys to become the most effective and intentional leaders they can be.

“I believe we each have a unique brilliance — a “genius”. Recognizing your brilliance in action allows you to effortlessly reach previously unimaginable levels of success in all areas of life.  It seems to me that if we can enjoy life and be successful, why would we choose anything else?”

Miriam is a Business Psychologist and Certified Leadership + Transformation Coach. She holds a Masters in Organizational Development. Since the late 90s, Miriam has been helping executives discover greater levels of success and ease in all areas of life. Early in her career she specialized in culture and leadership development for major corporations around the globe. More recently she has focused on working with high powered leaders ready to take their lives and organizations to the next level. Known for her powerful positivity and diamond-clear feedback, not only does she support you in unhooking old belief systems, she also helps you redefine what you are truly capable of.

“Leadership is an artistic enterprise, creating balance between structure, improvisation, and imagination. The end result is value creation, and to get there leaders must navigate the needs and wants of many stakeholders. The key is for leaders to understand, fundamentally, what kind of value they are creating. What is their intention? From that place of clarity and groundedness, the leader can flourish and make art that has true value.”

Ray is an executive coach, creative entrepreneur, musician, builder, designer, and inventor. He works with entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams who want to make an impact in their companies and in their world.

Ray has spent his career at the intersection of leadership, creativity, and technology. He has had a focus on bootstrapping and lightweight, fast-growing business units. Ray was the CEO and co-founder of an award-winning company concentrated on articulating the voice of brands using music and sound. During that time he worked with diverse clients including Apple, Google, Nike, Pepsi, and many other Fortune 100 brands.

Ray is passionate about corporate culture development and high-performance team management. He also spends a part of his time coaching emerging artists and recent graduates.

“There is much more space within life than we suspect but it’s often hard to access given all our inside and outside noise. This inner ground is, however, the tender territory where we can listen deeply to ourselves and rediscover our innate ability to fulfill what we most yearn for – our life most worth leading. Then the job is getting there.”

Marty guides clients to access their inner resources of awareness, creativity, and confidence so that they become committed to leading from their authentic center. He draws on a rich and varied experience as a business and social entrepreneur, CEO/senior executive, and mindfulness teacher. Marty founded or grew private, nonprofit, and major publicly traded enterprises in diverse sectors including professional services, sustainable design and technologies, environmental performance, retail, and higher education.

Marty speaks, teaches, and consults widely in North America and internationally. He’s served on numerous Boards including an Advisory Board at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Dalhousie University’s MBA Advisory Board, and as Chair of the Authentic Leadership in Action Institute, Naropa University and the Nova Scotia Round Table on Environment and Sustainable Prosperity. He was selected as a member of the Canada Clean 50, outstanding contributors to sustainable development and clean capitalism. A graduate of ICF Accredited Newfield Coach Training Program, Marty’s career demonstrates that shifts, change, successes, and setbacks are worthy threads in the tapestry of rewarding lives.

“It’s from our vulnerability and awareness that we become the leaders life asks us to be. When we face those challenges with our eyes open, magic happens.”

Jamie champions ideas worth doing and the people behind them. She helps leaders find what they need and develop the persistence to get there.

As a previous executive and co-founder, Jamie is attuned to the challenges faced by her clients. Having operated in environments that demand creative excellence, she brings creativity and practicality into her work as a coach and facilitator.

Jamie is a trained Co-Active coach. Her work stems from an 18-year career in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, focusing on communication, strategy, creativity, and human development. Her clients included The United Nations, TED, LEGO, Nike, and Google.

Jamie was born in Vancouver, Canada into a Korean and Japanese household. She has lived around the world, speaks four languages and is fortunate to draw from many cultural experiences.

“As David Whyte once said, “All that is needed to transform from awkward to graceful is to place yourself in your element – the place where you come alive.” I love helping people to discover their element so that they can fully bring who they are, to what they do.”

Ann Mehl helps entrepreneurs work on things that are holding them back from being the best leaders they can be. Prior to becoming a coach in 2005, Ann spent years in executive search, recruiting C-level prospects and building management teams for VC funded high-growth companies. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, Ann guides clients to listen to their authentic selves and focus on their personal growth. As a runner who has completed over fifty marathons worldwide, she lives what she preaches. She is disciplined in her approach, and yet flexible enough to respond to individual needs.

A Boston College graduate, Ann works in New York City and is a sought-after guest speaker, blogger, coaching and wellness expert. Her articles have appeared in Women’s Running, Body+Soul, Woman’s World, and Women’s Adventure Magazine and she is a frequent radio contributor, appearing on Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Program. Ann is also a Relational Life Therapist trained by Terry Real.

“Insecurity and fear are our biggest obstacles. Cultivating intuition and bravery to tap our innate wisdom and power is our greatest opportunity.

Tarikh Korula is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience founding companies that go from zero to one and growing consumer technology products to millions of users. He has hacked, bootstrapped, crowd-funded and raised from institutional VCs. Tarikh is a regular contributor at TechCrunch and lectures on product development at NYU, SVA and Parsons. He is board chair of The Interdependence Project, a non-profit dedicated to teaching mindfulness and meditation. Tarikh is an ICF certified coach.

We are all navigating constant change. The more we can question and observe our reactions to the changes, the more we can master them. I find that the greatest risks we take in life are when we challenge our inner fears and self-doubt in order to actualize our personal dreams and visions for our lives.

Alexa’s strategic mind, playful spirit, and commitment to truth-telling make her a unique coach. Clients say that after just one session they feel more confident, supported, and able to execute. She has a gift for intuitive and empathic listening while supporting her clients to create space for productive change and take risks that can yield tangible results.

With a Masters Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution and advanced training in emotional-intelligence tools, effective communication, and group facilitation, Alexa employs a discerning, solution-forward approach with each of her clients. Her use of somatic (body-based) healing tools, compassionate and fierce communication, and tactical resources helps clients address personal and business challenges; they are able to better balance demanding career needs with their desire for mind, body, and soul integration.

Alexa’s deepest core value is to honor the whole person and help each client identify what they truly need, long for, and wish to express in the world. Through their work together, the ideal role/job, improved relationships, and stronger leadership presence naturally follow. 

She has been a chapter leader and a board member of the Young Women Social Entrepreneurs, an international women’s business association, for seven years. Over the past 15 years, Alexa has managed teams in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors and helped hundreds of executives and mid-level managers–in companies as diverse as Kaiser Permanente, Google, Coach, and SAP–gain greater confidence and connection in their business and personal lives

“Leadership is not static.  Leadership can take endless different forms based on the leader themselves, the people they want to lead, and the organization that they are trying to build.  Helping leaders marry their authentic selves with all of these competing and changing demands is my passion.”

Mariquita Blumberg has been a leadership consultant for over 10 years, bringing her broad experience as a management consultant and operating executive to the specific opportunities and challenges that her clients are experiencing.  She works with organizations in a variety of capacities, from coaching executives and high-potential managers to helping leadership teams work through the inevitable structural and process changes that come with rapid growth and change.  Having worked with over 40 different organizations during her career, Mariquita has “seen it all” and brings that breadth of experience to each one of her unique clients.

Mariquita feeds her soul by doing social justice work in Westchester in a variety of capacities.  She sits on the board of WJCS (Westchester Jewish Community Services), providing care to people of all ages and diverse backgrounds who are confronting mental health struggles, intellectual disabilities, and other significant emotional challenges.

Mariquita holds a BS in Economics from MIT and an MS in Organization Development from America University (AU/NTL).   She lives in Westchester with her fabulous husband and three of her most challenging young clients.   She also identifies as a golfer, a baker, a chauffeur, and a youth sports enthusiast.