Practical Skills

+ Radical Self Inquiry

+ Shared Experiences

= Enhanced Leadership + Greater Resilience

This formula is behind all that we do. We’ve designed our offerings to reboot your leadership whether you’re a CEO, founder, c-suite or employee.

“There is much more space within life than we suspect but it’s often hard to access given all our inside and outside noise. This inner ground is, however, the tender territory where we can listen deeply to ourselves and rediscover our innate ability to fulfill what we most yearn for – our life most worth leading. Then the job is getting there.”

Marty guides clients to access their inner resources of awareness, creativity, and confidence so that they become committed to leading from their authentic center. He draws on a rich and varied experience as a business and social entrepreneur, CEO/senior executive, and mindfulness teacher. Marty founded or grew private, nonprofit, and major publicly traded enterprises in diverse sectors including professional services, sustainable design and technologies, environmental performance, retail, and higher education.

Marty speaks, teaches, and consults widely in North America and internationally. He’s served on numerous Boards including an Advisory Board at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Dalhousie University’s MBA Advisory Board, and as Chair of the Authentic Leadership in Action Institute, Naropa University and the Nova Scotia Round Table on Environment and Sustainable Prosperity. He was selected as a member of the Canada Clean 50, outstanding contributors to sustainable development and clean capitalism. A graduate of ICF Accredited Newfield Coach Training Program, Marty’s career demonstrates that shifts, change, successes, and setbacks are worthy threads in the tapestry of rewarding lives.