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The Reboot Podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of life in a startup. On the show, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and startup leaders discuss the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily. The podcast brings conversations that so many are seeking to the forefront of the startup world on an ongoing basis for the very first time.


When an entrepreneur is brave enough to open up and share what they struggle with, it creates a pocket of relief for others listening. Sometimes there’s a bit of advice that’s helpful that comes across. But more often it’s the normalization of the existential struggle of trying to do the impossible that’s so powerful for folks.

It’s yet another reinforcement of the notion of not being alone. That realization alone is often enough for people to first, break down and connect with their fear and sadness, and then reach in and find source of their deeper strength and wisdom.

It works because the community tells their stories and in the sharing, both the listener and the speaker are helped.

Jerry Colonna, CEO of Reboot


Being in a startup leadership position is really hard. Whether you have 1 or 100 employees it can be a lonely path filled with long hours, endless demands, ceaseless to dos and a litany of other stressors. Accomplished leaders know that to succeed they must develop skills, practices and a community to help strengthen them as leaders.

Jerry Colonna is a trusted coach, consultant and confidant to some of the startup communities’ biggest names including Brad Feld, David Cohen and Fred Wilson. Jerry’s work with CEOs teaches the art of authentic leadership: leadership that cultivates positive company culture; happier, healthier CEOs and strong, successful companies.

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