Practical Skills

+ Radical Self Inquiry

+ Shared Experiences

= Enhanced Leadership + Greater Resilience

This formula is behind all that we do. We’ve designed our offerings to reboot your leadership whether you’re a CEO, founder, c-suite or employee.

“Never before have I experienced a more authentic mission. Reboot has allowed me to reexamine my definition of ‘work’ with the idea that genuine, transformative growth from within drives and sustains healthy minds, and, ultimately, healthy companies.”

Margaret brings southern charm and a deep awareness of complex systems to our operations and marketing departments. Tracking the many moving components of Reboot, she keeps the lines strong between our internal and external communications, operations on target, and our team members efficient and sane. Margaret holds a bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from University of Colorado.

“I’ve experienced debilitating burnout as the result of violent workplaces. The work we do at Reboot has allowed me to heal and opened me to my true self. Leadership doesn’t just mean C-suite. As Donald McGannon said, “Leadership is action, not position.””

Sarah Jane is our resident copywriter and director of content. She is a seasoned startup veteran who has held posts in operations, community management, and marketing. After practicing her own journey of self-inquiry and desire to see more human being friendly workplaces independently for years, she is delighted to have found her true tribe at Reboot. Sarah Jane holds a degree in Electronic Media from The University of Cincinnati, which proves that if you don’t have your life totally figured at 23, it’s still going to be ok.

“The Reboot team goes above and beyond to transform not just companies but cultures. The improvements companies experience while working with our team is truly remarkable.  I am honored to get to work with a team of such talented, driven, and focused individuals every day.”

Zane is our accountant here at Reboot. She handles everything related to the numbers and contracts. Prior to joining our team, Zane worked as the senior accountant at a multi-million dollar software company in Boulder, and then she went on to form and manage a mid-size accounting firm based in Denver. Zane has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, a master’s degree from the University of Colorado – Boulder, and a law degree from the University of Florida. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and young twins.