The Reboot Team

We are a boutique firm by design. Behind the scenes, it takes a savvy and soulful core team to maintain, coordinate, and support the work we do and to help make the magic happen.

“I’m immensely grateful to be a part of the team here at Reboot. Each day I have the opportunity to contribute to something much bigger than myself — to a group of people working in meaningful ways to shift the structures that are no longer serving us, to a company that honors listening, curiosity and thoughtful growth, and perhaps most importantly a company that asks people to look for the answers that are hidden within.”


As our Coaching Engagement Coordinator, Alison spends most of her time nurturing the connection between our team and those who reach out to Reboot for support. With her eyes, ears, and heart focused on the world she listens for how Reboot can be most of service, cultivating relationships both new and old. She supports our coaches and team in a myriad of ways including assisting in our operations and product line development. Based out of our San Francisco location, she manages the office there and handles the behind the scenes support and logistics for Reboot gatherings. When she’s not focused on all things Reboot, you’ll find her out in nature, creating a meal sans recipe, and spending time with loved ones.

“I am passionate about recovering the lost art of listening well. In this culture of “telling” we are driven to make assertions, give opinions, and push messages. Yet humble inquiry is the gateway to true learning. And listening well to another human being is a sacred gift–one that can help bring about transformation in our relationships and in our organizations.”

Andy serves as Reboot’s Director of Coaching. In that capacity, he leads our roster of talented practitioners in their continued growth toward coaching and facilitation mastery. Additionally, he’s responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of Reboot’s entire suite of coaching-related services. As one of Reboot’s earliest team members, he’s helped shape many of our offerings, including Circles, 360s, and Team Experiences. He finds his sweet spot balancing direct client work with helping “build the machine” that is Reboot. 

Andy has supported individual leaders and teams at many high growth tech companies (including globally distributed orgs and post-IPO firms). He has wide-ranging experience as an educator, pastor, startup leader, and as an instructional designer crafting courses for Fortune 500 companies–the common thread through it all has been a devotion to supporting individuals and groups toward growth, authenticity, and effectiveness. Andy holds a BA in English and a Masters in Education and is a certified coach and NLP practitioner.

“We all have aspirations, things we want to achieve. I believe the true formula to achieving our goals is already within us, but is often buried under the burden of our daily lives. I am truly privileged to help people unlock the wisdom that they already possess, and define their own unique path to success.”

Courtney Joyce leads the 360 program at Reboot, creating qualitative 360 feedback reviews that support leaders in their professional and personal growth. 360 Reviews allow leaders to see their strengths and weaknesses clearly which is a fundamental process for a strong personal development plan and an instrumental tool for coaching work. 360 program management includes content development, communications, tool management, writing staff, sales, editing, and customer service. Courtney has been managing the program since 2017 using her knowledge of corporate dynamics and skills as a coach to create 360 Reviews that assist leaders in their growth. Courtney also coaches individual clients at Reboot.

“When we’re facing challenges that appear oppressive to our spirit, or thwart our will to achieve, we come to a threshold that, if crossed, can usher us into a new way of seeing ourselves and the world around us. We gain a new stance that we couldn’t think our way into. Leaning into these crossings is to lean into our emerging leadership and humanity.”

Intensely interested in the human experience, Jim guides individuals and organizations through transitions while stepping more fully into their lives. He’s keen to help entrepreneurs and start-up organizations discover their own authentic expression of leadership and the meaningful contributions that come from it. Jim has extensive cross-cultural experience and has worked in settings around the globe, including roughly 5 years in Italy helping to launch a business within Hewlett Packard. As a speaker and workshop facilitator, he is engaging on topics of leadership, innovation, design thinking, and transformative change and has presented and led experiences in a variety of gatherings and venues including MIT, Yale University, Michigan State University, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and a variety of community and professional settings.

Jim is a former core member of the  Presencing Institute, born from MIT’s Center for Organizational Learning and offering training and assistance in the application of Theory U – a methodology of transformative change. Along with coaching and leading team leadership and organizational development initiatives, Jim is also a wilderness guide. For almost 20 years, Jim has been guiding programs in the wilderness that support human development and informing a very personal and approach to living one’s authentic and fulfilling life. Now offered as the Reboot Quest, this program is a western contemporary approach following common structures of a “vision quest” experience and is annually offered and open to members of the startup community. Jim is a husband, a dad to two wonderful daughters, under service to and providing plenty of love and outdoor time to his dog, Otis, and to a bird, Saphie, who thinks he’s a dog and adores Otis.

“Never before have I experienced a more authentic mission. Reboot has allowed me to reexamine my definition of ‘work’ with the idea that genuine, transformative growth from within drives and sustains healthy minds, and, ultimately, healthy organizations.”

Margaret brings southern charm and a deep awareness of complex systems to our operations and marketing departments. Tracking the many moving components of Reboot, she keeps the lines strong between our internal and external communications, operations on target, and our team members efficient and sane. Margaret holds a bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Colorado.

“I don’t believe any of us need ‘fixing’ or that we must change ourselves in some way before we’re worthy of a life we enjoy. You already have everything you need to become the person you want to be.”

Robin first came to Reboot as a client herself, seeking greater confidence and deeper meaning in her role as a startup executive. In the end, she found a great deal more than that. Now, Robin co-leads the 360 program at Reboot, overseeing the development and delivery of 360 Reviews and supporting leaders in their personal and professional growth. This work has taught her an important lesson: we don’t need to erase or overcome our weaknesses in order to become better versions of ourselves. The real work lies in creating a more loving, productive relationship with those parts of ourselves that tend to get in our way.

Robin also facilitates Team Experiences and Circles, where she holds space for clients to experience the same eye-opening, transformative, occasionally painful but always worthwhile self-discovery that, years ago, sparked her own personal and professional reboot (pun intended).

In her spare time, Robin travels widely, writes middle-grade fiction about magical cats, and tends to a growing enchanted forest of houseplants.

“The Reboot team goes above and beyond to transform not just companies but cultures. The improvements companies experience while working with our team is truly remarkable.  I am honored to get to work with a team of such talented, driven, and focused individuals every day.”

Zane handles everything related to our finances, contracts, and facilities. Zane has worked with us since the beginning, and previously was the senior accountant at a multi-million dollar software company and also founded and ran a mid-sized accounting firm. Zane has a bachelor’s degree and a law degree from the University of Florida, as well as a master’s degree from the University of Colorado – Boulder.  When she is not making sure our business is running like a well-oiled machine, she enjoys spending time being active with her children.