Reboot’s Self-guided Courses

Accessible, useful information at your fingertips. We know that not everyone can afford a coach, which is why we’ve developed our series of free, multi-day self-guided email courses. From our mini-courses to our in-depth modules, all our content is crafted with your personal and professional development in mind. Whether you dive into the short courses or the longer courses, these are zero-cost ways to dive into leadership themes with radical self inquiry.

Intensive Courses

Already familiar with the concepts introduced in our shorter courses?

Maybe you’re simply ready to step more fully into the complex and exacting work that’s required to become a better human and better leader. We’ve developed six, zero-cost long-form courses (ranging from 15 to 80+ days) to help you better understand the fundamentals of communication, dig deep into radical self-inquiry, manage your psychology, as well as practical advice to enhance all aspects of your business. Perfect for any leader looking to lead and live a more aligned life. Your friends, family, and co-workers will thank you!

Downloadable Guides

How do you get the most out of your coaching experience?

What tools are needed to expertly craft a safe and healthy peer circle? Looking for support in cultivating your journaling practice? This set of handy guides are full of practical advice for any individual looking to up their leadership game.