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Being Human Together: Being Relational vs. Being Transactional

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At Reboot, we believe this to be true: Radically honest cultures create trust. But how can we create spaces of safety? What does it mean to have a non-violent workplace? And what does it look like to bring our whole self to work?

In this course, we will lay a foundation for building trust: inside of ourselves, with each other, and in our places of work. By integrating radical honesty into the fabric of our organizational cultures, we can begin to work in a new way. We need tools and skills to accomplish this work.

Over the next 14 days, we’ll talk about radical honesty. We’ll talk about optimizing for wholeness (not happiness). We’ll talk about the barriers that show up on the way to owning our real, honest truth. And we’ll talk about what it looks like to build trust as an outcome. Because, well, the truth is when we are able to get past what stops us, we have a chance to find a new reality and create a new experience—a new way of relating to our work and to the world.

With this course, you will receive inspiration and prompts delivered straight to your inbox every day. We hope you walk away knowing yourself a little better and being more clear about what you need to become the leader you want to become.