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Communication 101: Create Safety, Build Trust, Stay Relational–the Work of Non-Violent Workplaces

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One of the hardest things about being a leader is communication. Communication lives at the heart of so much of the work we do in our organizations: good offsites, resolving cofounder conflicts, effective 1-1s, giving and receiving feedback, and hiring and firing. In other words, it’s at the heart of everything.

Good communication includes heartfelt conversations and deep listening. It includes breaking free of old, unhelpful habits and styles. And it means a commitment to growth – leaving old patterns in the dust and beginning to inhabit new ways of relating that are life-giving both personally and interpersonally. With good communication running the show, we can build safety within ourselves and our organizations.

In this 60-day course, we’ll look at empathy, listening, the art of checking in and the importance of asking good questions. We’ll share advice for navigating conflict, the relationship between power and safety, and — finally — how we can work better together. We hope to share with you tools for learning to speak in a way that you can be heard and learning to listen so that you can understand.