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Managing Your Psychology 101: Resilience in the Rollercoaster of Life, Work, & Entrepreneurship

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As leaders and entrepreneurs, we are often split between wanting to do and be something in the world, to feel our importance in some way, and to just be who we are. Ambition can lead us down roads that aren’t ours to follow, that aren’t congruent with our essence.

The way we manage our psychology (or don’t) shows up in our organizations. A leader who models self-care models a kind of leadership that allows others to do the same for themselves. This ripples throughout organizations in positive, multiplying ways.

We created this 80-day course to help you own your mental resilience on the rollercoaster of life, work and entrepreneurship. In this course we’ll look at mental health, burnout, anxiety and depression, self care and mindfulness. We’ll give you tools so you can begin to unpack yourself: your emotional competence, body wisdom, and untapped joy.