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It’s not enough that each member of your team reboot their leadership. To create the company that you’d like to work for, you must create the opportunity for the collective to grow. Tools such as facilitated leadership groups, organizational change management explorations, and deep trainings move the organization closer to its fullest expression of the inherent values.

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What kind of company do you want to work for? Everyday, consciously or not, we create that company. Is it the kind of company where dissent is quashed in favor of conformity? Is it a place where the expedient is more prized than self-expression? But we often speak of our companies as “families” and we repeat that “our people are our most valuable assets.”

As laudatory as those platitudes may sound, there’s a hidden danger in both aspirations. What does it say about our culture when we think of people as assets? What does it say about how we may be inadvertently using the organization to complete our unresolved family-of-origin issues when we blithely refer to our colleagues as “family.”

There are so many ways in which even the most well-intentioned companies construct toxic and destructive environments. For each of us, as leaders, doing our work, which involves moving towards our own self-actualization, requires that we create the capacity within our organizations for each member to grow. It requires us to allow our organization, the community members we call colleagues, to collectively actualize.

It’s not enough that each member of your team reboots their leadership. To create the company that you’d like to work for, you must create the opportunity for the collective to grow. Tools such as facilitated leadership groups, organizational change management explorations, and deep trainings, move the organization closer to its fullest expression of the inherent values.

At Reboot, we like to reinforce the understanding that you, as a leader, are not alone. Let’s add to that expression the understanding that you can’t create the company you’d like to work for alone. Culture is not a top-down dictate but a co-creative expression of a group of fierce, broken-open leaders.


We believe that the possibility of the full realization of human potential exists in work. Work does not have to destroy us. Work can be the way we achieve our fullest self.

Our Team Experiences and Organizational offerings provide a mix of content that helps to develop skill, capacity, and experience that helps to grow the human being.

They are engaging experiences that help to bring participants into new levels of self-understanding as leaders and as people, and of the impact actions and behavior have on others. Our experiences are an effective blend of “being” with “doing.”


We do custom learning experiences for small and large teams, leadership, or entire organizations. We can deliver globally on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, the list below.

The following is an emerging, and growing list of “off the shelf products” Reboot can deliver to our clients:

  1. Leadership 101 (moving from individual contributor to manager and what it means)
  2. Leadership/Executive Team development
  3. Foundations of Communication
  4. Vision and Values
  5. Giving and Receiving Feedback
  6. Coaching & Motivating
  7. Conflict
  8. Commitment and Recommitment Conversations
  9. Leadership during Transitions

For more in-depth organizational change work, we listen closely to what’s needed and design customized curriculum and interventions tailored to the needs of your organization.

Circles for Management Teams:
Accelerate leadership growth inside your organization.

Reboot Circles for Management Teams are facilitated peer learning groups that accelerate growth for leaders and managers. Led by a Reboot coach, up to eight leaders from within your company come together to support each other’s professional development. Applying the tools of reflective practice to real-time challenges, Circles for Management Teams enable rapid learning, teach fundamental coaching skills, and help build internal resiliency among teams so that your company can scale more efficiently.

Managers who coach are more effective leaders. The effectiveness of a manager is measured by the output of the team they lead. With directive leadership that output is limited to the thinking of the manager. When a manager learns fundamental coaching skills they unlock the thinking of their entire team, resulting in a higher performing and more scalable team. Circles help build a coaching muscle in your culture and give folks the ability to find the answers they need.

We’ve found that traditional training doesn’t work, but learn-by-doing training can transform.

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One of the most satisfying moments is when team members finally get each other and the work between them becomes less of an effort. Coaching often begins with a focus on individuals and their moments of stress, their times of existential challenge, their crucible times when who they are mixes with what they do to be heated by the fires of what they believe. But to really be of service to individuals, especially leaders facing the rigors of leading for the first time, we support entire teams.

Sometimes that means navigating between co-founders, and helping them find their way back to the core beliefs that caused them to go into business together in the first place. Sometimes that means extended and consistent work with whole leadership teams. It involves helping them co-create safe meaningful containers for their work, and it also means helping the entire group thrive.

Coaching partners and teams require an expanded set of skills. Sometimes it requires conflict resolution and mediation. Often it means helping people to relearn basic listening skills.

The style of work varies depending on the team’s needs. For some, it means a steady one-on-one presence with a series of individuals at the same organization, enabling the process to benefit from the multiple perspectives that can be shared. For others, it means working with entire groups simultaneously and with me holding the container for the work, facilitating deeper understanding and communication.

At its root, the challenge of managing teams is really a challenge of communication. We all benefit from learning to speak in a way that we can be heard, and to listen so that we can understand.

We want the things that you’re learning during our coaching sessions and events to find expression within your organizations. Sometimes that needs a little or a lot of support for you, your teams and your organization.

We’re here to support you in bringing forth the best that you have, and to learn firsthand, in situ, while engaging the realities, perspectives and resources that are available in real time. It involves growth while making meaningful contributions.

Case Studies

  • In 2011, Yesware founder and CEO Matthew Bellows found himself in an exciting but daunting position. The company, started a year earlier in Boston, was designed to help salespeople and sales managers work more efficiently. Yesware was freshly backed with top-tier venture capital and had tremendous potential before them.

    Amidst the excitement, Matthew was seized with fear. What if he and Yesware squandered all this potential? What if the company didn’t take advantage of this opportunity?

    Matthew Bellows

    Matthew Bellows

    CEO of Yesware

  • In early 2013, Bart Lorang was adapting to being a new husband and the leader of FullContact, a three-year-old contact software startup. At work, the company leadership was fragmented and reduced to loud arguments. At home things were unusually tense for Bart.

    Later, while speaking to Brad Feld, mentor and lead investor in FullContact, Bart confided: “I just don’t think I am nailing this whole CEO and husband thing.” That triggered an inflection point for Bart. He decided he had to become a better leader and family man. Brad suggested he contact Reboot.

    Bart Lorang

    Bart Lorang

    CEO of FullContact

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