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We often talk about the work of rebooting your leadership as “individual work that you can’t do alone.” If each member of your leadership team is pursuing the work of self-inquiry and actualization, that’s wonderful. But to create the company that you’d all like to work for, you must also create the opportunity for the collective to grow. Experiences like facilitated leadership groups, offsite retreats, organizational change explorations, and immersive leadership trainings move the organization closer to its fullest expression of the inherent values.

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What kind of company do you want to work for?

Every day, consciously or not, we create that company. Is it the kind of company where dissent is quashed in favor of conformity? Is it a place where the expedient is more prized than innovation? Is it a place where civility and politeness reign while hard but important conversations are avoided at all costs?

We often speak of our companies as “families” and we repeat that “our people are our most valuable assets.” As laudatory as those platitudes may sound, there’s a hidden danger in both aspirations. What does it say about our culture when we think of people as assets? What does it say about how we may be inadvertently using the organization to complete our unresolved family-of-origin issues when we blithely refer to our colleagues as “family?”

There are so many ways in which even the most well-intentioned companies construct dysfunctional (and, unfortunately, at times toxic) environments. For each of us, as leaders, doing our work–moving towards our own self-actualization–requires that we create the capacity within our organizations for each member to grow.

It requires us to allow our organization, the community members we call “colleagues,” to collectively actualize.

At Reboot, we like to reinforce the understanding that you, as a leader, are not alone. Let’s add to that expression, however, the understanding that–in the pursuit of creating the company you’d like to work for–you can’t do it alone. Culture is not a top-down dictate but a co-creative expression of a group of fierce, broken-open-hearted leaders.


One of the most satisfying moments in organizational life is when team members finally get each other and the work between them becomes less of an effort. 1:1 coaching often begins with a focus on individuals and their moments of stress, their existential challenges, their formational experiences we often refer to as “crucible times.” The same is true for teams.

Sometimes this looks like navigating between co-founders and helping them find their way back to the core beliefs that caused them to go into business together in the first place. Sometimes it looks like extended, consistent work with whole leadership teams, helping them co-create safe, meaningful containers for their work; helping the entire group thrive. Sometimes it looks like a mix of 1:1 coaching and more targeted, facilitated group experiences.

Coaching partners and teams requires an expanded set of skills. Sometimes it requires conflict resolution and mediation. Often it means helping people to relearn basic listening skills.

Reboot’s Team Experiences work is highly customized and varies depending on the team’s needs. For some clients, it means a steady one-on-one presence with key individuals at the same organization, enabling the process to benefit from the multiple perspectives that can be shared. For others, it means working with entire groups simultaneously with the coach holding the container for the work, facilitating deeper understandings and communication.

At its root, the challenge of managing teams is really a challenge of communication: we all benefit from learning to speak in a way that we can be heard and listen so that we can understand.

We’re here to support you and your team members in bringing forth the best that you have, using everything that emerges from organizational life (both challenges and successes) as opportunities to grow.


All Reboot Team Experiences are custom designed to fit your organization’s unique needs. The following is a list of some of our more typical engagement types:

Facilitated Offsite Sessions (held virtually or in-person)

  • Executive team mission, vision, and/or purpose development
  • Small team to full organization discovery of organizational values
  • Establishing leadership team operating agreements 
  • Navigating organizational change/transitions

Leadership / Management Training (held virtually or in person, in small groups of up to 12)

  • Foundations of Communication
  • Management Essentials 
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • Commitment Conversations 
  • Leading Through Transitions 

Group Coaching

  • Facilitated Circles for Management Teams (reflective practice, peer-coaching groups)


Q: How do I know if my organization is a good fit for Reboot Team Experiences?
A: Our exploratory process will involve taking the time to listen to you and the key stakeholders in your organization so that we can tease out the nuances of what’s needed. However, here are a few important things we’ll want to be sure are present in some form:

  • Senior leadership’s buy-in, commitment, and participation – All our efforts working together will be best served if your organization’s senior leadership is committed to the work we’re doing and is willing to participate. This doesn’t mean we won’t work differently with different levels of the organization–but we won’t, for example, work with your middle managers if the senior leadership team is unwilling to be engaged in coaching or some form of their own learning and development journey.
  • An openness to being surprised by a new way forward – One of the most valuable things about having an outside perspective like Reboot’s is that it can help you expose blind spots, get unstuck, and see a way forward to solutions you may not have already seen. While our job isn’t to tell you what to do or how to lead your company, we do want to help you co-create a more ideal future for you organization. Sometimes that will mean setting aside, at least temporarily, your well-worn mental models and opening up to new perspectives.
  • Time to invest in the practice of team development. Doing this work together doesn’t necessarily mean you hire Reboot for the duration–we will work to find the right solution that meets your needs and is cognizant of budget and time constraints. But building collective resiliency and strong cultures is a practice that yields benefits over time–much like the cultivation of a garden. For example, most leadership team challenges can’t be untangled and addressed in a half-day workshop, and attempting to do so can often result in more frustration for the team than good. Our experience has been that, at times, clients underestimate the amount of time needed to do this work effectively.

Q: Does Reboot do leadership/management training?
A: Yes, as part of broader leadership/organization development support initiatives. However, we don’t do one-off, sage-on-the-stage trainings, simply because we don’t think that approach to learning provides the most impact in supporting behavioral change. Our approach to training is experiential, small-group based, and designed to bring practical skills to bear on the real-life challenges folks are facing in the organization. For companies looking to provide a longer-term learning arc for their leaders (from senior leadership to emerging leaders / high-potential individual contributors), we love helping design an approach that will fit your unique needs.

Q: How much lead time does Reboot need for scheduling facilitated experiences?
A: Because our process is high-touch and customized, we need time to walk through the inquiry process with you–typically this takes about 4-6 weeks. Additionally, our coaches stay quite busy and are often booked several weeks or months in advance. If, for instance, you’re looking for a coach to facilitate a pre-scheduled offsite planned for a few weeks from now, be aware we may not be able to accommodate such short notice. That said, we’ll do what we can to work within your ideal timeline.

Case Studies

  • Engaging in a coaching relationship represents a significant commitment of time and money, and we want you to get the most value and impact from your investment.

    In this document we detail how and why coaching works the way it does, what to expect from the coaching relationship, and share our advice for showing up in a way that helps you get the most out of your sessions.

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