The Reboot Poem

The Reboot Poem speaks to the heart of what drives our work and speaks to what we hope our clients will find as they turn to a practice of radical self-inquiry in their work and life.

The Question
by Jim Marsden, an homage to David Whyte’s ‘Self Portrait’

It doesn’t matter to me how much you’re worth on paper,
or who you know or hang out with.
I want to know what your heart values
and what courage – perhaps dormant –
inside of you
to dare to pursue that for which your heart truly longs.

It doesn’t matter to me how close you are to an IPO,
or if there are whispers of “unicorn” stirring among investors.
I want to know why this business matters to you
and if there’s any chance of cultivating
culture, relationships and business that
brings people – including you –
into their own wholeness and vitality.

And what stops you.

It doesn’t matter if your bank account has one zero or many,
I want to know if you’re willing to melt
into the fire of why it is you are you in the first place.

I’m not interested in the litany
of sacrifices and trade-offs
you’ve made to get here.

What is it that you carry
that cannot and
will not be sacrificed,
no matter what the opportunity
or the promise of salvation?

I’m curious if you know or sense the amazing
power and vitality that comes from
for this being the day to be alive.

And to know that prosperity is to be found in how we live our lives,
not in the spreadsheets and stories
we tell our investors, our colleagues or ourselves.

I have come to see that those who speak
and step into
the paradox and tension of not knowing
guided by haunting questions of
“where do I go from here?”
“but how can I? and, how can I not?”
“who or where am I now?”
cross a threshold of not knowing

toward a place where you become aware of things
your body can not remain unaware of any longer,

where vitality, success and
the joy of simply being human