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365 Days of Journaling


Journaling is a powerful tool for self-inquiry. Writing, especially stream-of-consciousness free writing, allows parts of you to be voiced in an unedited way. It creates the opportunity to discover what deeper parts of yourself–parts that may be tuned out during normal day-to-daywork activities–may feel or believe.

Journaling is one of the many powerful tools we encourage here at Reboot with our clients, both for themselves and for what gets shaken up and stirred during and in between coaching sessions. It’s a practice that many of us as coaches here rely on, and have done so for a long while. It is a practice that has helped each of us become who we are in the world. It is, indeed, medicine for the self.

This 365-day course is designed to help you establish and maintain your own journaling practice. You’ll receive a daily email with a prompt or series of prompts each day. There is a cadence in the inquiries to help you establish a familiar rhythm of a daily check-in with yourself, as well as other prompts to provoke more self-reflection to serve as self-discovery and also in your practical world of work issues and relationships.