Reboot Your Work

A free ten-day course to greater work happiness.


Sharon Salzberg

World-renowned teacher, best selling author, and meditation instructor for Reboot. This course draws on her NY Times bestseller Real Happiness At Work to guide participants through a 10-day course to improve their work life.


  • Review and clarify workplace motivations for increased efficiency and deeper satisfaction.
  • Reclaim resources with simple concentration techniques to boost productivity and minimize procrastination.
  • Recover and learn from mistakes quickly without unnecessary self-criticism and doubt.
  • Keep stress levels in check by setting attainable, yet challenging goals to redefine daily priorities.
  • Harness mindfulness for realistic and effective time management.
  • Find a balanced work-pace that is sustainable and relaxed without losing your competitive edge.
  • Cultivate tools of resilience for managing times of high stress and overwhelm.
  • Implement mindfulness techniques in communication with co-workers, clients (and even your boss) for greater clarity and teamwork.

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