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Change From the Inside Out

“It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.” – Oriah Mountain Dreamer

I want to…
I need to…
I’m struggling with…
I’m overwhelmed…
I’m lost….
I’m scared….

There are a lot of reasons folks reach out to us looking for coaching. Sometimes it’s because things are good and they want to be great. But most of the time, it’s because they are in pain in some form. Things in their life and their leadership aren’t generally working for them. Perhaps there’s nothing drastically wrong, but the client has a sense deep down that in order to face the challenges of the future, they need to change – change their approach, change their perspective, change their whole way of being–but change they can’t do alone.

Enter coaching.

Coaching offers a unique approach to personal development. It goes beyond simply providing answers or strategies. Instead, it empowers individuals to better understand themselves, their values, and what truly matters to them. Commitment to this self-inquiry is the vehicle for lasting and impactful change. Tactical and strategic changes often work quickly but fade. But changing from the inside out leads to life-long shifts in who we are and how we show up in the world. When we look within, we give ourselves an opportunity to grow into the type of leader (and human) we aspire to be.

In this podcast, I sit down with Andy Crissinger, my colleague and Reboot’s Director of Coaching, to shed some light on the world of coaching and its transformative impact on personal and professional growth and answer one of the most common questions we get: Would working with a coach be helpful for me?

Clients come to us for all kinds of needs, but some common challenges or goals we see that bring people to our inboxes include:

  • Feeling isolated in your leadership journey
  • Navigating personal/professional transitions
  • Managing burnout/fatigue
  • Misalignment between inner and outer
  • Wanting to go to the next level

How do you know coaching may be a fit for you? Well, some questions to consider…

  • What would you like to achieve or change in your life right now that feels out of reach?
  • Is there a “stuck place” in your leadership or life you haven’t been able to get unstuck from alone?
  • What might be possible if you had a confidential thought partner to brainstorm with each week?

Ultimately, coaching is designed to get you somewhere you want to go. When you take the reins of your personal growth journey, you experience a positive momentum that can propel you forward toward your goals.

If you feel ready to dig deeper into the inside-out work of growth or development, we encourage you to connect with our Engagement Team.  In this free phone call with a coach from our Engagement Team, we’ll work closely with you to find the best support (coaching? therapy? advising?) to match your goals so that you can unlock what’s in your way, leverage your talents as a leader and human, and live and lead a more aligned life. At a minimum, you’ll walk away from the call with a bit more clarity about what you need.


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