Inclusivity: Building Organizations of Belonging

What does it mean to build organizations of belonging? How can you build an organization safe enough for the whole human to show up at work? In this course, we discuss the hidden power and privilege that can pervade an organization and consider what is needed–beyond HR trends, and into matters of the heart–to create and sustain real places of belonging for all employees. We hope, by the end of the course, you have a sense of how you relate to belonging yourself, and how you create belonging in your communities, work, home, life.

How you can contribute to creating an inclusive culture of belonging?

Include, verb: to take in or comprise as a part of a whole or group

This course is not about how to roll out Diversity and Inclusivity training and programs in your company. Nor is it about establishing hiring plans to increase diversity. This isn’t even about unconscious bias training. While each of these have their place at the diversity and inclusivity table, that’s not the conversation this course has. It’s about none of those things one might do to “check the box” or stay on top of trending D&I efforts.

That said, this IS an important moment for these issues and how they show up in how we work. This course is about what underlies the need for diversity and inclusivity conversations in the first place.

To find our place of belonging requires the courage to be vulnerable. When we do this, the outcomes are worth the effort. Brene Brown notes that vulnerability is “the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.” We know that when people feel that they can be fully themselves, great work happens. By making vulnerability safe, and thereby stepping into our sense of belonging, we create the conditions for innovation, creativity, and change.

How do we create workplaces that are safe for humans to show up as themselves? How do we create organizations of belonging–and what might be standing in our way of doing just that? What is lost when we fail to allow the full totality of our humanness (and that of others) into our workspaces?

Compiled & created by The Reboot Team of Coaches and Facilitators, this course is a conversation around “How you can contribute to creating an inclusive culture of belonging?” We’re including voices from leaders in Diversity & Inclusion, the LGBTQ community, racially diverse men and women in positions of power. All of these folks have experience with the repercussive effects of fear, hate, and ignorance as it relates to the stigmas attached to the groups they represent.

This course is about finding an authentic way to make a difference. We’ll ask you to listen. We’ll ask questions to get you thinking, feeling, and (hopefully) acting: What does it mean to belong? What would it be if my organization was a place of belonging for all humans?

The course will unfold via a series of 6 emails full of content – one email per day over the course of 6 days. You’ll also be able to reference each day’s content on this site. If you have any questions, please reach out to

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