Practical Skills

+ Radical Self Inquiry

+ Shared Experiences

= Enhanced Leadership + Greater Resilience

This formula is behind all that we do. We’ve designed our offerings to reboot your leadership whether you’re a CEO, founder, c-suite or employee.

“We all have aspirations, things we want to achieve. I believe the true formula to achieving our goals is already within us, but is often buried under the burden of our daily lives. I am truly privileged to help people unlock the wisdom that they already possess, and define their own unique path to success.”

From first-time jobholders to late-professionals at Yahoo, Google, and Lyft – to name a few – Courtney helps uncover blocks to individual success so her clients walk away with the confidence and pragmatic approaches needed to be more effective leaders. In addition to corporate coaching, Courtney founded her own triathlon club where she coached a membership of over fifty athletes. Prior to coaching, Courtney worked for 15 years in the fields of technology and sports marketing and has held leadership roles at AOL, Handspring and Webroot Software. Her strong understanding of corporate dynamics allows her to coach management teams within challenging, fast-paced environments.