Reboot Coaches & Team Experience Facilitators

We believe that helping clients develop the managerial skills necessary to do the job is important but not enough to create the transformation they are seeking. To be a leader, they must also cultivate a fearless willingness to look deeply through self-inquiry.

“Our otherness is a key that can unlock a doorway of compassion. If you walk through this doorway you will find powerful self-leadership.”

Virginia coaches leaders to bring more of themselves to every situation leadership demands.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in software engineering from Virginia Tech and has been building companies ever since. A three-time founder, Virginia’s executive experience spans software to brick and mortar retail. She is a certified coach and uses the breadth of her experience to help her clients creatively confront the challenge of inhabiting the crucible of leadership. 

Her identity plays no small part in her coaching, and she believes a leader’s identity has a big part to play in their leadership. She coaches from the belief that our deeply personal inner work is our leadership foundation. She supports leaders building increasingly supportive organizations for underrepresented people.

After building companies in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Virginia is coaching and living with her family in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.