Starter Leadership Development 360

The Starter Leadership Development 360 is a professional development report that solicits survey-based feedback from all directions — up, across, and below — to support your growth in a coaching relationship.


We survey stakeholders such as co-founders, peers, direct reports, and board members to get 360-degree feedback about your leadership.


Gain insight into what’s working, what’s not working, and what needs changing to support your growth and the growth of your company.


With the support of your coach, create a personal development plan that helps you show up as the leader you want to be.

A Starter 360 is a valuable way to get candid feedback from your team about how they see your leadership. The use of surveys, rather than interviews, helps keep costs down while gathering a wide breadth of feedback about what you’re doing well, where you can improve, and potential blind spots you may have. The final report brings this feedback into cogent themes that you can use to create a personal development plan.

  • "I strongly recommend the Reboot 360 experience for CEOs and senior leaders. It's the most effective way I've experienced for deeply understanding your superpowers and weaknesses and provides a great foundation for personal and team growth."

    Matt Munson

    Matt Munson

    CEO & Co-founder, Twenty20

Starter 360: At a Glance

  • Feedback from 10 reviewers via online survey
  • In-depth analysis of key themes from reviewer feedback
  • Final report organized into strengths, weaknesses and what to think about going forward
  • Option to add a self-assessment (additional fee)
  • Includes unattributed quotes from reviewers
  • Est. time to completion: 5-7 weeks
  • Cost: starts at $5,000

Starter 360 Process

Our process supports the nuanced and highly personal nature of our client relationships. The use of open-ended survey questions — rather than number-based scoring — allows us to gather detailed, insightful feedback about your leadership.

  1. You identify 10 people who have insight into your behavior and performance to serve as reviewers. You can choose to customize our standard set of survey questions to focus on specific areas where you’d like feedback.
  2. We survey your reviewers on how they perceive your leadership, including what you do well and  opportunities for growth.
  3. We collect and analyze the responses and compile them (anonymously) into a detailed report, highlighting important themes that emerge from the feedback.
  4. You and your coach review the feedback report together and co-create a personalized, actionable development plan.


Reboot engages in assessments as a part of coaching, and we only conduct assessments with clients who are in an active coaching relationship with Reboot.