VC Bootcamp

January 23-26, 2020
Uncover your authentic leadership style and become the best board member/investor/supporter you can be.

Know you're not alone. Join us for our VC Bootcamp.


  • "Bootcamp helped me answer a stunningly difficult question: what behaviors or beliefs have gotten me to this point in my life but are no longer serving me? I believe my resulting resolutions will make me a better partner and husband."

    Jake Saper

    Jake Saper

    Partner, Emergence Capital

  • “For the first time in a long time, I am at peace. I know what I need to do, and more importantly I know why I’m doing it. Everything else is just execution.”

    Dave Mao

    Dave Mao

    Managing Partner, Come Up Capital

  • "We all are in the same industry dealing with so many of the same challenges, fears, ideas and huge opportunities ahead. There is something extra special about doing work like this with people who have shared experiences and professions. While I've found connection with folks I've done growth work with in the past, ultimately there less common ground and it's harder to support each other over time. I spent more time being transparent, vulnerable and deeply introspective with my peers in 3 days than I've been able to do in years and felt supported, empowered and clear. It's unique and super powerful."

    Ari Newman

    Ari Newman

    Partner, Techstars

  • “Allow yourself to be submersed in a weekend of vulnerability, accountability, friendship and a keen sense of purpose. Your leadership skills will be stronger and you will live with intent after reflecting on how your special talents in the VC world will make you a better investor/advisor/mentor/board member but more important, a better person.”

    Grace Belangia

    Grace Belangia

    Sand Hill Endeavors

  • "There are no words I can give you that will do justice to the profound changes that Bootcamp will induce in you. Bootcamp is a salutary pause in a life of speed and busyness that allowed me to reconnect with myself and others."

    Fred Destin

    Fred Destin

    Investor, Accel

  • “Bootcamp is an opportunity to step back, honestly look in the mirror and understand oneself better. This has made me a better investor, but more importantly a better person​. I made some of the deepest connections with my VC peers over 3 days at bootcamp that I have made in my 6.5 years in venture​.​”​​​

    Brendan Dickinson

    Brendan Dickinson

    Partner, Canaan Partners

  • "I was absolutely blown away by the love, compassion and camaraderie I experienced from and with my fellow bootcampers and from the Reboot team. "

    Elaine Stead

    Elaine Stead

    Head of Venture Capital, Blue Sky

  • "... the magic comes not from any particular exercises or tools, it comes from the people involved. The Reboot team possesses an otherworldly talent for coaxing authenticity and truth out of people. They can even coax truths out of people who, like myself, have been lying to themselves for years."

    Jacob Chapman

    Jacob Chapman

    VC, Gelt Venture Capital

  • "This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, one that I will hold dear, forever. I leave a better investor, board member, boss, colleague, father, husband, and friend. A better man. "

    David Goldberg

    David Goldberg

    Principal, Corigin Ventures

Being an investor is hard – especially if you are also a director. Learning to take your seat as an investor and as a director can trigger some of the most deeply-held negative beliefs about yourself. Sitting as a director, you can feel responsible for a company’s performance while simultaneously feeling completely uninformed about what’s really going on, triggering anxiety and aggression.

Over this long weekend with Team Reboot, we’ll work to uncover your authentic leadership style and teach practical skills for managing the array of feelings that can be triggered–all in the name of helping you become the best investor/board member/supporter you can be.

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You + 15 other VCs and angel investors will be led by Team Reboot – Albert Lee, Dan Putt, Jim Marsden, Andy Crissinger, Anita Hossain, and Kate Saber – through a rigorous weekend workshop @ The Reboot Retreat Center in Boulder, CO.


January 23-26, 2020.


Boulder, Colorado. You will be staying at the Niwot Inn in Niwot, Colorado, just 15 minutes from downtown Boulder, and 5 minutes from Chez Feld. A shuttle from the Inn will take you to Chez Feld and back.


The cost of the workshop is $10,000. (You’re on your own for flight & hotel & transport to the Niwot Inn.)


Application Notes
Registration closes at midnight October 15, 2019. Payment will be due upon notification of acceptance of application to reserve your seat. There are no refunds for this bootcamp.

Eligibility & Fit

Are you eligible for the VC Bootcamp? Here are some basic requirements:

  • You’re a VC or angel investor who’s made a number of investments.
  • You’ve logged immeasurable hours and have made tremendous sacrifices.
  • You’ve had success with your company. You realize there is more to this game than “success.”
  • You may be tired, but you must be vulnerable, curious and courageous.

Is Bootcamp a fit for you?
If you’re solely coming to network with other VCs, drum up business, party, or only solve the practical pragmatic problems in your business, Bootcamp is not for you.

  • Feel the need to address the problems in your leadership that seem to repeat themselves time and time again.
  • Can’t see clearly why you’re struggling.
  • Want to really understand how you’re being complicit in creating what you say you don’t want.
  • Want to explore how that which has gotten you here, may be keeping you small now, and if it’s time to change.

Bootcampers are ready to transform their lives and leadership…

  • They have a willingness to explore their own agency in bringing about change their lives.
  • They realize that living by everyone else’s rules and ideas is not going to scale, and they want to start leading from within (while paying attention to the lessons of those that have gone before them).
  • They often come to us when they are exhausted and depleted, and they are beginning to see that in order to scale themselves and their organizations they will have to become a different type of leader.
  • They care about more than just financial metrics–they hold a bigger frame when it comes to the concepts of success and a what constitutes a well-lived life.
  • They are ready to do the work of self-actualization and traverse all the hills and valleys in the process. They are willing to be open and vulnerable and to explore their unsorted baggage.


  • are interested in the root cause of patterns and understand how it’s important to break those patterns in order to grow.
  • are eager and ready to explore their own perspective and are deeply curious and are open to looking at things in different ways.
  • want to talk as much about the inner experience as they do with the outer.
  • are interested in learning about themselves and how they can think about building a stronger more sustainable organization.
  • are self-aware, who is willing to go deep, to be emotionally vulnerable, to be curious, to be willing to visit the past with an open curiosity.

On the fence if Bootcamp is right for you? Read what our alumni have to say about the importance of the camp, here.

If this sounds like you, then begin the application process.


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