Key Feedback Assessment

The Key Feedback Assessment is a powerful way to clarify your coaching goals and support your growth in a coaching relationship.


Get candid feedback from your most important professional relationships, such as board members, co-founders, peers, and direct reports.


Gain insight into what’s working, what’s not working, and what needs changing about your leadership.


With the support of your coach, identify clear action steps that help you show up as the leader you want to be.

If you’re just beginning your coaching journey, the Key Feedback Assessment creates a solid foundation from which to begin. If you’ve been in a coaching relationship for a while and are wondering where to go next, this assessment can uncover new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • "Reboot's process gave me the honest feedback I needed to see my strengths and areas of growth in a beautiful light. Combined with one on one coaching, I've used newfound self-awareness to execute a new roadmap. Reboot accelerated my leadership and my company is skyrocketing."

    Tiffany Dufu

    Tiffany Dufu

    Founder & CEO, The Cru

Key Feedback Assessment: At a Glance


A customizable self-assessment that’s specifically designed to support your personal and professional development.


You, your coach, and four hand-picked reviewers.


The cost of the assessment is $4,000.


3-5 weeks to completion.

Key Feedback Assessment Process

Our process supports the nuanced and highly personal nature of our client relationships. By focusing on interviews rather than questionnaires, we can ask follow-up questions and draw out specific examples. As we establish rapport during the interview process, reviewers will share things they might not reveal in an online questionnaire.

  1. You identify 4 people who have insight into your behavior and performance to serve as reviewers. each of your reviewers.
  2. You complete a self-assessment with your coach, identifying what you perceive to be your strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities. We use this to personalize the interview questions to align with your goals for coaching.
  3. We conduct in-depth interviews with each of your reviewers.
  4. We compile the responses anonymously into a detailed report, highlighting important themes that emerge from the feedback.
  5. You and your coach review the feedback report together and co-create a personalized, actionable development plan.