CPO / VP / Head of Product

Fall 2019
In person kickoff

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Join us for the 2019 Reboot Kickoff for CPO / VP / Head of Product + New Circle

As the head of product for your startup, chances are you spend your time walking a series of fine lines. The line between creative vision and just getting things done. The line between focusing on customers and hearing from internal stakeholders. The line between managing people and managing metrics. And lastly, there’s the line between building a product (out there) and cultivating your own resilience as a leader (in here). Join a group of five others who understand your “out there” challenges and opportunities, and together we’ll forge a community of practice to support the “in here” work of growing as leaders.


To apply for this group, you should:

  • Be an executive level product head for your startup
  • Lead or co-lead a team
  • Be able to commit to regular attendance
  • Come with enthusiasm, curiosity, and a willingness to be vulnerable and to help others

Group will meet twice per month. Days and meeting times TBD.


Group meets virtually (video conference), twice a month, for 1.5 hours each meeting.


Participation costs $595/month.