Reboot Circles for Founders

Fall 2019
In person kickoff, launching in San Francisco and New York



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You are a founder who started out with an idea (on your own or with others) and a desire to make an impact. You’re working long hours with constant demands and never ending “To Do” lists. On top of that there’s the personal toll that comes with being a founder: Pressure from your board. From your colleagues. From your employees. From your significant other.

There’s no playbook for what you’re doing, no book that describes exactly what you’re going through. You’re on the “pathless path,” and you’re pretty sure somebody else would be doing a better job. You may be asking yourself:

Do I really know what I’m doing?   Am I good enough?   

What if you had a place where you could be honest about what’s really going on for you? What if you had a trusted sounding board of people you knew you could always count on?

More specifically, what if you had a team of five other smart and courageous founders–people that were going through the same ups and downs you are. And what if they were willing to help you think through your stickiest strategy problems? Or your most vexing challenges with your executive team? Or simply hear you out as you think through a new hire you have to make?

Well, that’s precisely what we’ve created with Reboot Circles for Founders.

These groups are Reboot-vetted, professionally facilitated and designed to help you become the leader you were meant to be.


To apply for this group, you should:

  • Be a founder in a high growth company
  • Have one of the following:
    • Raised at least one round of venture capital
    • A team of at least 5 employees
    • Total company revenues greater than $500,000
  • Be able to commit to regular attendance
  • Come with enthusiasm, curiosity, and a willingness be vulnerable and to help others

Days and meeting times to be set by each group facilitator prior to launch.


Group meets in person, twice a month, for 1.5 hours each meeting.


Participation costs $595/month.