“My wish is that employers start to put people first.” – Jerry Colonna

Today’s Operators Manual mini-sode talks about the “Great Resignation” — that phenomenon in which folks don’t want to return to working in the same way. We’ve seen how this has impacted our client’s organizations, and have seen the impact in our local area, too, with labor shortages at some of our favorite businesses. How has the Great Resignation been impacting you?

Both employees and employers are facing questions and concerns at this juncture, whether it’s ticking clocks and ticker tapes, or the proverbial ticker in our chest. 

For employers, the questions are multifold. On one hand, there’s work to be done! How can we meet the needs of the business and meet the needs of the humans in the organization? 

For employees, they are met with challenges and realizations as well. Some are practical: How do I want to work? And, some are more existential: How do I want to spend my minutes? 

In many ways, over the past two years, a call for a culture audit in our organizations has been paramount. The Great Resignation is calling for this too. How can we build successful organizations that are also meaningful and worthwhile and generative environments? 

In your organization, what does a successful culture look like? What would a culture failure look like?  

Our hope is that we’re building organizations that we’d want to work for and be proud that our children worked for.