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Coming Home

Last Friday at Reboot HQ we were musing about how perfect it was that this episode of the podcast was published on the day of the Supreme Court ruling that made for an extra celebratory Pride Week.

There are few better things in this world than to be loved for being you.

As humans, we are social creatures who need safety, love, and belonging–all of which we seek from our external environment. This includes the need to feel alright and to know that others accept you as you are, the need to give and receive love, and the need to share our inner thoughts with others in close and caring ways.

Maslow put these needs midway on his hierarchy, just before respect and appreciation, as they are key steps on the path to self actualization. Being deprived of love and belonging can cause feelings of loneliness, sadness, separation and unworthiness that can damage one’s core sense of self, leading to disengagement and a joyless sort of feeling tone.

Building a culture of belonging and one of love eases much unnecessary suffering. What I admire most about Tanisha Robinson’s company is that she created a place–like the land of misfit toys–where everyone is welcome, accepted, and finds a home.

A company that embodies these values has the potential to create an environment of connection and creativity where people thrive. And, subsequently, the organization will as well. A company that supports fulfilled and self-actualized lives is not only living the values of love and belonging but is also creating solid ground for sustainable success.

Love is openness. It is unchanging. It is generative. It is a stance of strength. It is a way of being that does much. Love welcomes you home to your sense of belonging to yourself and the world.

Love wins.
And so does belonging.


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