Reboot Coaches & Team Experience Facilitators

We believe that helping clients develop the managerial skills necessary to do the job is important but not enough to create the transformation they are seeking. To be a leader, they must also cultivate a fearless willingness to look deeply through self-inquiry.

“Creating a workplace that is at the same time human and successful is the future of work. I have seen first hand how so many leaders are yearning for a different kind of leadership culture to take their companies forward and create growth, innovation and success without losing their humanity in the process. How we define and do “our work” is changing and this is the possibility that is there to step into.”

Angela has a commercial background in leading talent functions in hospitality, travel, and technology. For the last six years as Global Head of Talent Development for Salesforce, she has overseen the employee and leadership development of a workforce of 11,000 to over 45,000 employees today. Introducing and building a talent function for scale and with deep purpose has been her life’s work.

Angela is a certified professional coach and has lived and worked in Europe and the US. Her purpose is to help create a better workplace for her daughter’s generation.