Reboot Podcast Episode #100 – Be Still – with Shanley Knox

The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.

Episode 100 // March 7, 2019


Shanley Knox

Shanley Knox

Writer, Strategist & Social Entrepreneur

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Episode Description

For many of us experiencing periods of transition, our tendency might be to push through the unknowing of the “here and now” to focus solely on the “what’s next?” Yet, staying present serves us the most. While bobbing like a cork on the sea of life can be an uncomfortable and unsettling place, it also allows space for reflection, contemplation, and clarity to spring forth.

For this episode of the Reboot Podcast, we welcome Shanley Knox, a writer, strategist, and social entrepreneur. In this beautifully honest and vulnerable conversation with Jerry, Shanley shares the major shifts she’s experienced in her personal and professional life, from the process of shutting down her company to the unknowns of first-time motherhood. With guidance from Jerry, Shanley tackles the lingering questions surrounding, “Who am I now?”,“Where do I go from here?”, and “How can I go about the future differently than my past?”

Shanley Knox on Twitter |  David Wagoner “Lost”John O’Donohue “A Blessing for One Who’s Exhausted”

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Show Highlights

Top Quotes:

“I’m trying to think about who I really am today and what I want to do from here and really thinking about how to do it from a different place than I’ve done it in the past.” – Shanley Knox

“The direction it [the business] was going, it wasn’t the direction that felt congruous with who I was.” – Shanley Knox

“As a white American girl, the idea that you were gonna come in and work with impoverished people and help them do what they wanted was perhaps very narrow-minded.” – Shanley Knox

“The feelings of being lost is a place in and of itself and not necessarily a place to pass through on your way to someone else.” – Shanley Knox

“Enough is actually right here, right with you, right within you.” – Jerry Colonna

“Perhaps there was a link between your own impulse to save and the wish to feel enough.” – Jerry Colonna

“Does right equal enough?” – Jerry Colonna

“You moved faster and faster to not feel perhaps the loss of dad and the loss of safety that Uganda may have represented at some point.” – Jerry Colonna

“This is the place called, “Here.” It’s not way back there where I once was nor is it the there that I will get to. It’s here. And you have been tacking across the surface of the lake of your life in the pursuit of feeling enough.” – Jerry Colonna

“This year has been a kind of waking up to a different reality, to the reality of creating a home.” – Shanley Knox

“I think when I found that I was pregnant, there was this moment where I realized that I wasn’t home.” – Shanley Knox

“The wish, the powerful wish to be enough, the powerful wish to be right, the powerful wish for a home is a human condition.” – Jerry Colonna

“Home is love, safety, and belonging. Home is where you know you are enough.” – Jerry Colonna

“What will it feel like when I am no longer striving? What will it feel like when I no longer need to pursue, but can just be.” – Jerry Colonna