Reboot Podcast Episode #105 – Reboot Your Definition of Success – with Alex Rethore

The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.

Episode 105 // May 23, 2019


Alex Rethore

Alex Rethore

Founder of The Brecken Group LLC

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Episode Description

A self-described planner, Alex Rethore, startup executive and founder of The Brecken Group, a consultancy that supports teams scale by driving revenue and improving operational effectiveness, comes to Jerry bridled with anxiety, yearning for clarity and a roadmap to her future. At the time of this conversation, Alex had reached out to Jerry for guidance and support through a particularly cloudy transitional period.

While the transition in her professional career served as a catalyst for their conversation, Jerry encourages Alex to consider what may also be bubbling under the surface in her personal life. Alex opens up about finding joy in being present, recognizing that this break has afforded her the ability to reconnect to her body, her passions, and her community.

Jerry notes that this pause, a time of contemplation and rest, provides a profound opportunity to shift Alex’s way of being in the world, granting her the freedom to redefine her definition of happiness and success. As she embarks on this new relationship with herself, the doors open for Alex to become the leader she wants to be

Alex Rethore on LinkedIn | Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up

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Show Highlights

Top Quotes:

“Part of our good work, done well, for the reasons at Reboot, is to try as much as possible to make everybody who’s struggling feel like they belong.” – Jerry Colonna

“I took a couple of months to kind of recenter myself and think through what I had loved about the jobs that I had been doing and what I could see for myself next.” – Alex Rethore

“When we make our career moves and our life choices, paying only attention to the voice in our head that says, “Hurry up, make a decision,” … we often will find ourselves in places where the inner part of who we are is out of alignment with the out of part of who we are.” – Jerry Colonna

“I’ve always tried to live up to the opportunities that I’ve had.” – Alex Rethore

“How do you use this time of transition to renegotiate with yourself a new agreement about how to maintain that same drive that is so beautiful and so wonderful but no longer allow it to drive you to be burned out.” – Jerry Colonna

“What if it’s not a pause? What if it’s the new way? What if being present is what the new opportunity is?” – Jerry Colonna

“In the renegotiation that happens, in the rebooting, in the resetting that happens … As we try to move towards more inner and outer alignment, there’s an opportunity to redefine for ourselves the work patterns, cadences, and styles that work for us.” – Jerry Colonna

“I learned with the last experience that no matter how good the team is, how passionate everyone is about the product, things happen and even under the best of circumstances, it’s hard to make these things last. And so, reframing that sense of what success actually is, you know, exit aside, but like, when the thing itself doesn’t exist in the same way, is that a success?” – Alex Rethore

“What if being successful in that position isn’t just about being a great right hand to a leader as you defined before but, but also, being a healthy and life-affirming right hand to that leader.” – Jerry Colonna

“I guess it’s just hard to find those leaders that you still get great work but you also can do it in a healthy way that doesn’t drive you into the ground on some of this.” – Alex Rethore

“The beauty of this time, is that you get to reinforce that new programming, that new wiring, that says, I’m gonna take all that gorgeous energy that drove me to achieve and I’m gonna reassign it to achieving something that’s actually even not only healthier for me but healthier for the people around me.” – Jerry Colonna