Reboot Podcast Episode Extras #23 – Unleashing Potential: Insights on Leadership, Self-Discovery, & Overcoming Fear – with Noah Kagan

The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.


Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan

CEO of AppSumo

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As a leader, how do you decide which inputs to listen to? What strategies do you use for personal growth and reflection? How do you create a work environment that supports and uplifts your team?

In this episode, Reboot Co-founder Dan Putt engages in a candid conversation with Noah Kagan, the CEO of AppSumo and author of the forthcoming book Million Dollar Weekend. Noah opens up about his path of personal and professional growth, sharing practical tools and hard-won wisdom for overcoming insecurities, finding your authentic leadership style, and creating a work environment where the collective thrive. The pair discuss the benefits of seeking honest feedback, empowering underdogs in business, and, most importantly, learning to like (and trust) yourself.

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“The big thing I’ve embraced overall is really liking myself.  I think, to get to these points of contentment for ourselves, is really thinking about what are we are avoiding.” – Noah Kagan

So how do you evolve as a leader? You know, I think one, the easiest way is from the people around you. Right. So you ask for feedback and every month it used to be monthly. I think it’s now quarterly. There are three questions. It’s like, do you believe in the direction of the company? Do you feel safe to speak your mind and how do you evaluate Noah as a leader?” – Noah Kagan

“One of the things I remind myself today is that when you’re at a good place you kind of think, oh, I don’t need all the stuff that I did to get here. I can stop exercising. I can stop Reboot. I can stop going to therapy in the morning. I’m good now. And I remind myself that it takes time and then keep doing the things that got you successful.” – Noah Kagan

“The broken time was one of the most rich and profound moments of my life, but it was so painful, so, so painful. Such a hard place.” – Dan Putt

“To evolve as a leader, I think it’s taking different inputs, getting different feedback. You can always ask for feedback. It’s like, it’s the greatest gift you can get. You just have to decide what to do with it.” – Noah Kagan

“I think I’ve always been excited about what you can learn about yourself through business. I’ve learned more about myself through business than anything else and as an underdog, it’s just more of the idea that we can do these things. And it is a hard thing. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, but you can do it. And that’s available for everyone worldwide.” – Noah Kagan