Reboot Podcast Episode Extras #14 – Women’s Conversations: Your Personal Leadership Style – with Sally Helgesen

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Sally Helgesen

Sally Helgesen

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Sally Helgesen is a women’s leadership expert who has written many books over the past few decades on women and leadership (How Women Rise, The Female Advantage, The Web of Inclusion). In this episode, Sally and Ali Schultz explore the tendencies and habits that often contribute to women feeling stuck in their leadership roles. Sally describes how women leaders have a different perception, or way of being and seeing, that can make for a markedly different leadership style and offers models of what leadership can become when guided by feminine principles.

Show Highlights

Top Quotes:

“What I see now is women supporting other women. Not only as a good thing to do and a smart thing to do but a good career move and a way of positioning themselves and making allies.” – Sally Helgesen

“Women seem to recognize that we need a broad spectrum of allies, rather than just a small cohort of people who have believed in us from the beginning, in order to build careers that are really satisfying and have an impact.” – Sally Helgesen

“How we perceive excellence in leadership has really evolved. It is a much more traditionally female model than was true back in the 1980s.” – Sally Helgesen

“Women often have a good sense of what they’re good at. They recognize first-hand how much value diversity can provide because they themselves have been outsiders.” – Sally Helgesen

“What are my skills? How can I describe those skills? How can I describe the value that those skills can bring to this particular situation? And what some of the potential outcomes would be. Part of articulating your greatest strengths is the bridge between recognizing them and being able to act on them.” – Sally Helgesen

“What is my leadership style? What are its characteristics? And why is it so important in the situation that we’re in? How will it add value?” – Sally Helgesen

“Because they [women] are uncertain or lack real confidence in how to talk about what they’ve achieved or contributed, they default to a passive hope that other people will notice. Everyone needs to take responsibility for bringing attention to what they’ve contributed for themselves, but also for other women coming up.” – Sally Helgesen

“This is what I would say to women…if you don’t find a way to articulate what you have contributed, then over time you will come to feel undervalued, and you will disengage. Over time, you will disengage from having the ability to contribute. It can be a perfect job for you, but if you feel deeply unappreciated and under-recognized, you will lose your passion for that job.” – Sally Helgesen

“Exhibiting anything like ambition, which is a warrior characteristic, is seen as unfeminine and ultimately as unmotherly. You know, this would be a terrible mother, somebody who’s putting her own interests above those of her children.” – Sally Helgesen

“We don’t either have to be the self-sacrificer or the heroic warrior forging our own path without concern for others, which was the old sort of non-inclusive leadership model that was so prevalent during the 1980s. We don’t have to choose between those two. We can exhibit care for the community, care for those who we’re responsible for, whether it’s in an organization, in a family, or the community.” – Sally Helgesen

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