Reboot Podcast Episode #102 – To Actually Live Your Life – with Khe Hy

The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.

Episode 102 // April 4, 2019


Khe Hy

Khe Hy

founder of RadReads and Contributing Editor for Quartz at Work

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Episode Description

In this episode, we welcome back Khe Hy, founder of Rad Reads, to the Reboot Podcast for a second time. In his first appearance, Jerry worked with Khe to shed light on the ways in which his unrealized fears surrounding death had contributed to a lack of stillness and presence in his life. Eighteen months after their initial discussion, Khe reconnects with Jerry to explore new questions surrounding purpose, meaning, and making an impact on the world.

Together, they explore the decidedly unpredictable nature of life, noting how our desire to control life as it unfolds is one of the greatest creators of stress and suffering. Jerry attests that our quest for equanimity stems from our ability to hold the plans of our lives loosely. It is only once we’ve released our grip on the playbook of life that we can truly open to the beauty and fullness of our experience. With Jerry’s guidance, Khe comes to understand that in order to actually live his life, he must strive to stay present through the quiet moments that comprise his days.

Khe Hy on Twitter | #60 – The Work of Your Life – with Khe Hy | Rad Reads | Lead – Mary Oliver

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Show Highlights

“When we show up and really work with our own stuff, it allows other people to show up.” – Jerry Colonna

“It’s really an honor to bear witness to people.” – Jerry Colonna

“What responsibility do I have as someone with a tremendous amount of privilege and financial resources and time to be giving back; what do I owe? What do I owe others? What do I owe for the gifts that have been bestowed upon me?” – Khe Hy

“I really think of my life in terms of utility, like what utility have I brought to the world?” – Khe Hy

“The fear that we’re really working with right now is, all of my efforts are for naught.” – Jerry Colonna

“The true fear may not be of death, but the true fear is to have lived and not mattered.” – Jerry Colonna

“We’re not these transcendent beings… if you prick us, do we not bleed to quote Shakespeare? Of course. What is it that breaks, but the heart? What is the heart, but an extension of the ego.” – Jerry Colonna

“If you were to die knowing that you mattered, how would you feel as you lived? If you knew that you were going to die and you would be remembered, how would living feel?” – Jerry Colonna

“Building monuments to ourselves, building immortality in some capacity doesn’t actually produce the thing that the ego tells us it might.” – Jerry Colonna

“The truth is we all die no matter how impactful we are and we may all be forgotten and that’s a reality.” – Jerry Colonna

“When we become attached to keeping things exactly as they are, it creates a kind of suffering, but equally important, when we become attached to our perception to how things are supposed to be in the future, it creates an equal amount of suffering.” – Jerry Colonna

“That stance of holding the plans loosely and being okay with whatever happens, to me, that’s the definition of equanimity.” – Jerry Colonna

“If you truly want [your children] to feel safe, warm, and happy, then you need to be safe, warm, and happy yourself.” – Jerry Colonna

“What is it that I’m afraid of? What’s the threat?” – Jerry Colonna

“You have to let go of the need to have it all figured out in order to just actually live your life.” – Jerry Colonna

“I do believe that there’s a tremendous amount of value in the examined life.” – Jerry Colonna

“The call to live our lives is as important as the call to examine our lives.” – Jerry Colonna