Reboot Podcast Episode #126 – A Prerequisite for Leadership – with Rha Goddess

The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.


Rha Goddess

Rha Goddess

Entrepreneurial Soul Coach

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Episode Description

On this episode of the Reboot Podcast, Jerry sits down with Rha Goddess, author, entrepreneurial soul coach, and founder of Move the Crowd. In this conversation, which centers around Rha’s new book The Calling: 3 Fundamental Shifts to Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good, Rha describes the ethos of soul work and shares why calling forth the qualities and attributes that live in the truest and purest expression of ourselves are crucial for those who lead. Jerry and Rha explore what it means to lead from a place of integrity and wholeness. Rha notes that personal commitment to doing the work that supports mental, spiritual, emotional, physical well-being is the ultimate prerequisite for leadership and Jerry stresses the importance for those who hold power to do their own work in order to reduce violence to our communities, the planet, and themselves. 

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Show Highlights

Top Quotes:

“There’s a kind of unwavering power in touching what is true, and specifically in helping us find what is true for us, what is at the core, what is a part of what’s important, what is at the heart of how we know ourselves.” – Rha Goddess

“When we are willing to keep our own counsel, and honor our own wisdom, and follow our own inner guidance, there is a different us that comes to the party.” – Rha Goddess

“I believe that we are consistently being called to come back to that which is true.” – Rha Goddess

“The call and the calling is about coming home.” – Rha Goddess

“In the hustle and the bustle of our realities, we often don’t have the luxury to give ourselves time and space to just be, or to just think, or to just listen and because of that, we are functioning in confusion.” – Rha Goddess

“Once I get clear, I have a responsibility to then act on my clarity.” – Rha Goddess 

“So many of us have reasons why we feel that we don’t deserve or are not entitled to money or are entitled to a feeling of being well-resourced. This idea that it, in some way, wealth will separate us from the people we love or separate us from the communities that we identify with.” – Rha Goddess

“Lack of belonging is another big reason why we stay in confusion.” – Rha Goddess

“What does money equal for us? What’s the equation that we’ve set up ourselves around money and how do we start to unearth and understand that the very essence and at the very core where those conversations come from.” – Rha Goddess

“The sense of being sophisticated around money or the sense of being well-resourced around money was not something that I inherited.” – Rha Goddess

“I had to wrestle free the interlocking of money with being dedicated to having a value system, that honored my people.” – Rha Goddess

“At what point do I determine what conversations serve me around money and what conversations don’t?” – Rha Goddess

“We’ve been indoctrinated to believe that people who have a bunch of stuff or people who are super good at stuff, that automatically there are things we hang on them, things we drape on them in the context of power, in the context of iconic worship that then give them license, dare I say, to act out in ways that normally would be completely unacceptable,” – Rha Goddess

“We have a responsibility to do our work and as those who are committed to entrusting other leaders with our systems and our structures, we have a responsibility to also command that this is part of the prerequisite for leadership.” – Rha Goddess

“We have been accomplices in the misuse of power in precisely the ways you’ve described. We have been accomplices because we do not demand more, and it feels like we are in dark times. It also feels like to me that maybe the opportunity that is in these dark times is to reach deep within ourselves and say, “Enough.” We demand more.” – Jerry Colonna

“Are you going to stand in fear? Or are you going to stand in love? Love gives us far more capacity to contribute than fear ever could. Fear may be the spark that gets us on the journey but at some point, love’s got to take the wheel.” – Rha Goddess

“There is a difference between good work and your work.” – Rha Goddess