Reboot Podcast Episode #154 – Untying the Knot of the Heart – with Duff McDonald

The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.


Duff McDonald

Duff McDonald

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When we’re so committed to being right about our own reality, we miss things happening right under our nose. Egos are handy, but they can be limiting to the amount of joy we experience in life if we let them lead the way.

In this episode, Duff McDonald journalist and author of Tickled: A Commonsense Guide to the Present Moment recounts how the quiet of quarantine shocked him out of his narrow perspective of living and turned his way of being on its head. Duff describes how the gift of fallow time forced him to think radically about how he’d been operating in the world up until that point, and shares how untying the knot of his heart produced a fire hydrant of love, opening him up to the magic of life itself.

Tickled: A Commonsense Guide to the Present Moment | #86 – How Have You Lived Your Life – with Parker J. Palmer 

Show Highlights

Top Quotes: 

“There’s nothing we can’t stand more than what we see inside of ourselves reflected in other people.” – Jerry Colonna

“I’m now firmly of the opinion that everything is the self. So if the universe isn’t working for you, you should put your complaint in the suggestion box of yourself.” – Duff McDonald

“If I can quantify it, then I actually don’t have to feel it. If I can quantify it, then I can solve it without experiencing it.” – Jerry Colonna

“Radical self-inquiry is the process by which the masks that we wear are slowly, compassionately, stripped away.” – Jerry Colonna

“Beauty, love, friendship, trust, loyalty – all the things that truly matter are not quantifiable.” – Duff McDonald

“There is certainly no correlation between the worthiness of an individual and whether or not they’ve raised a lot of money.” – Jerry Colonna

“I think what ultimately this sense of certainty and inflated sense of how smart I was led me to give myself a pass on bad behavior. “ – Duff McDonald

“If you spend all your focus on what is happening to you right now, you will be best able to deal with anything that comes at you.” – Duff McDonald

“I realized that I’d spent a lot of my life because of the ability to quantify things, spending too much time thinking about things that might happen and therefore squandering my awareness.” – Duff McDonald

“In any situation, you find yourself in that doesn’t seem to be working out or is it’s not to your liking, the answer always is to love more.” – Duff McDonald

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