Reboot Podcast Episode #36 – The Quest – with Jim Marsden and Jade Sherer

The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.

Episode 36 // March 25, 2016

Do you love yourself enough to listen with the ears of your heart to the other voices of yourself speaking?


Jim Marsden

Jim Marsden


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Jade Sherer

Jade Sherer


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Episode Description

Time and time again, I get the pleasure of seeing skeptical but open Reboot Bootcampers enter the Colorado wilderness with instructions from Jim looking for a conversation – and time and time again I see them come back in shock with how the land opened new insights up for them. Jerry included.

In today’s special episode, Jerry, Jim, and Jade talk about the power and opportunity of time on the land, how Jerry’s own experience on a vision quest, which was guided by Jim and Jade, and why a quest could change your own awareness forever. If it terrifies you, you are ready…

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Show Highlights

Top Quotes:

“What we are wanting to do is emphasize that it’s an opportunity for people to come out onto the land and have an experience that meets them where they are.” – Jim Marsden

“We don’t want the idea of a “vision quest” to be overlapping with some of the more indigenous cultures.” – Jim Marsden

“The idea is for people to really acknowledge that this is an opportunity for people to show up as they are, be whatever they need to be in coming to meet themselves at this point in their life, and to be able to go more deeply into it.” – Jim Marsden

“The first couple days of the quest itself is intended to support people in looking at what is actually coming to an end in their life.” – Jim Marsden

“Another important part of the first few days is the invitation to start considering how you would spend your time out in solitude.” – Jim Marsden

“Once you come off the solo experience you take a look at what has been evoked during that time, and what kinds of insights or questions are now coming to life.” – Jim Marsden

“The last part of the physical time together is looking at how you might connect with the inspiration or insights that have come from the whole experience, and turn your attention towards how you can live those out in your life going forward.” – Jim Marsden

“What’s really happening is we get to have the experience of coming back to our true humanity as beings that are connected with the earth, stars, and to our bodies.” – Jade Sherer

“The quest is an opportunity to stop our lives, reflect upon our lives, and reconsider what’s important for ourselves.” – Jade Sherer

“It’s very beautiful to watch what happens when people simply stop, stay in the company of wild nature, and get to breathe in a bit more of their own essence.” – Jade Sherer

“Some people have a fear that nothing will happen, but something always happens.” – Jade Sherer

“I went into the experience broken, open, and stuck.” – Jerry Colonna

“I came out of the experience broken, open, and moving.” – Jerry Colonna

“Jumping in and ‘fixing’ is still something I work with.” – Jerry Colonna

“It’s hard to find moments in your life that just click and change everything, and I can trace so much of the man I am today to that moment.” – Jerry Colonna

“These experiences are where we can have moments and you know something really important is shifting, but you may not know what it all means at that point in time.” – Jim Marsden

“Part of the “magic” is to be able to explore these places, undergo these experiences knowing that there is a shift going on inside of you, and then being able to tend to that after that time.” – Jim Marsden

“This is not a ‘program’. It’s an ancient art, and a ceremony.” – Jade Sherer

“This has been going on in every culture and every religion since the beginning of man.” – Jade Sherer

“As we grow older and head into business, etc. there is a high likelihood that we start separating ourselves from nature and our own nature.” – Jade Sherer

“Reviving this art and inviting people of all ages and places in their lives to return, is really pivotal for most people.” – Jade Sherer

“You don’t always know how to proceed after this experience, but almost every time there is a seed that later will sprout if you give it water.” – Jade Sherer

“My quest came about during a very profound period of about 4-10 years of really deep transformational work.” – Jerry Colonna

“The myth is that there’s going to be a singular epiphany moment where everything clicks into place.” – Jerry Colonna

“If I had just stopped doing the work of continuing to allow myself to open after the vision quest, then I would not be the man I am today.” – Jerry Colonna

“The fear that comes with the decision to do a vision quest, and then walking towards the actual event, is actually a vital part of the unnamable transformation that happens for people.” – Jade Sherer

“Fear seems to be integral in our transitions and transformations.” – Jade Sherer

“Feeling fear might be a beckoning.” – Jade Sherer

“There is something raw and powerful in stripping away all the things that give us comfort.” – Jerry Colonna

“There’s something in our natural human nature that actually thrives on a kind of risk, particularly the nature based risk.” – Jade Sherer

“There’s something that brings us alive when we are confronted with our own bodies, the earth, and the animals.” – Jade Sherer

“We have guided so many people who come from big cities that say they have never spent the night outside.” – Jade Sherer

“History says that we learn something about who we are when we are out there with stars. – Jade Sherer

“Even time out for reflection is rare these days.” – Jade Sherer

“More human human beings make better leaders.” – Jerry Colonna

“I don’t know if a vision quest leads to greater leadership, but it will lead to more resilient human beings and more human human beings.” – Jerry Colonna