Reboot Podcast Episode #39 – It’s Time For New Choices – with Mary Lemmer

The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.

Episode 39 // April 13, 2016

Episode Description

Mary Lemmer is a life-long entrepreneur, adventurer, author and food and fitness geek. We originally met Mary as an admiring listener of our podcast,  and as we often do when folks reach out to us, we invited Mary to come on and share her journey.

Mary came into the Reboot office and recorded the story of seemingly everything working against her over the last 18 months – her body giving in, her relationship ending, her business coming apart, and losing her Dad’s approval. These are physically and emotionally painful experiences, and yet what if they are exactly what she needs?  What if she was only waiting for this moment to arise?

Show Highlights

Top Quotes:

“Once I realized these struggles are real and I wasn’t alone, the feelings of loneliness started to lift a little bit.” – Mary Lemmer

“My health wasn’t in a good place, I was very fatigued, feeling depressed, had this business I didn’t really know what to do with, and I had to almost force myself to get up out of bed in the morning to do the things I knew I had to do.” – Mary Lemmer

“I looked at my health, where we were with the business, the potential going forward, and made the tough decision to not go raise more money.” – Mary Lemmer

“I come from the world of high-growth high-tech, but also from the world of building a gelato business that is profitable in year one.” – Mary Lemmer

“If I spent another 18 months at it, what would happen to my health?” – Mary Lemmer

“A lot of the health issues I was having are related to stress.” – Mary Lemmer

“Stress is a really powerful force in our lives.” – Mary Lemmer

“It’s hard to prioritize your health when you are trying to prioritize a company.” – Mary Lemmer

“You have a baseline stress when you are starting a company.” – Mary Lemmer

“For the first time, I let myself feel, and feel sad.” – Mary Lemmer

“I found myself wanting to cry for no apparent reason.” – Mary Lemmer

“At some point, you have to let yourself feel, and feel sadness, in order to heal.” – Mary Lemmer

“I felt like I lost a little bit of my identity through a lot of this because I lost someone who was really close to me in my life (my ex-boyfriend), my feeling of being in control of my health, and I lost what I thought would be a great business because I had to face reality.” – Mary Lemmer

“I’m not living the life that my dad wants me to live.” – Mary Lemmer

“I go through these mental cycles of feeling like I’m disappointment people in my life – my investors, my friends, and now my dad.” – Mary Lemmer

“People look at me a certain way and label me this ‘entreprepreneur’. I’m really confused about what that means, and what that means for me.” – Mary Lemmer

“I’m struggling to find purpose again.” – Mary Lemmer

“I know when I have purpose, I can set the world on fire.” – Mary Lemmer 

“Sometimes life has this way of kind of slapping us up against the head with a two by four.” – Jerry Colonna

“What if part of your purpose is figuring out who Mary is, regardless of those external north stars?” – Jerry Colonna

“There are a lot of things I would describe myself as that don’t revolve around what I do, but yet that’s not always what people see.” – Mary Lemmer 

“There is no north star. There is not right way. There is only your way. That is terrifying and liberating at the same moment.” – Jerry Colonna

“When we build our companies for a purpose that is outside of us and try to define our life and self-worth for someone who is outside of us, we lead to adrenal stress and collapse.” – Jerry Colonna

“It’s liberating and terrifying because recognizing that it might not be your path is one thing, but then feeling pathless is frightening.” – Mary Lemmer

“It’s hard to have questions about yourself, and what path is right because there are so many different paths.” – Mary Lemmer

“Change is hard.” – Mary Lemmer

“All those people out there that pretend they have it figured out, they’re bullshiting.” – Jerry Colonna

“I have tremendous pressures in my life. I disappoint people all the time. I do and say things of which I am embarrassed and ashamed. I have learned that when I pretend I don’t do those things, I make my life worse.” – Jerry Colonna