Reboot Podcast Episode #74 – How Human Can We Be as Leaders – with Tarikh Korula

The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.

Episode 74 // December 28, 2017


Tarikh Korula

Tarikh Korula

Entrepreneur, board chair of The Interdependence Project, Reboot Coach & Facilitator

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Episode Description

As leaders, what might happen if we attempted to lead from a place of honesty, equanimity, and compassion? Might we transform our organizations and workplaces into safe oases where our fullest selves emerge, allowing ourselves to step into purpose and the meaningful work of our lives?

In this conversation, originally aired on The Interdependence Project Podcast hosted by Tarikh Korula, Jerry and Tarikh tackle the question, “How human can we be as leaders?” We’ve decided this would be a great episode to share with you for the holidays, as we wrap up one year and set out into the fresh tracks of another new season.

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Show Highlights

Top Quotes: 

“Vulnerability is defined as able to be hurt. I suppose being real is a form of being able to be hurt.” – Jerry Colonna

“We’re hurting painfully, but we don’t show it because we’re afraid of being hurt.” – Jerry Colonna

“The actions we take to not suffer, create more suffering for me and the entire world. Avoidance of suffering does not eliminate suffering.” – Jerry Colonna

“I have learned that I have the capacity to withstand being hurt.” – Jerry Colonna

“You can get off the hamster wheel.” – Jerry Colonna

“We do not allow human beings to be real, to cry when their heart breaks, to laugh when they are filled with joy, to rage at injustice.” – Jerry Colonna

“Violence is what we do when we don’t know what to do with our suffering.” – Parker J Palmer

“Is it possible to create a company that has a different set of principles and values and not get crushed?” – Tarikh Korula

“I’m trying to figure out if there’s any way out of this cycle of business that’s focused so much on profit, on growth, on stock price and so little on the impact on culture and human growth and abundance.” – Tarikh Korula

“Is it possible to pursue work in a way that doesn’t destroy these aspects of us?” – Jerry Colonna

“Is it possible to create businesses and to lead businesses and to lead societies in a way that do not promulgate violent oppression?” – Jerry Colonna

“We are always going to be called to confront the demons that lie at the heart of our human experience. That is our karma.” – Jerry Colonna

“How am I complicit in creating the conditions I say I don’t want? Do you have the guts to look in the mirror and call yourself on your own bullshit?” – Jerry Colonna

“I don’t want to be complicit in wiping myself out and denying my existence as a whole brokenhearted, messy human being and I want to create spaces to the people around me to be able to be themselves in exactly the same way.” – Jerry Colonna

“I can trust that the moral arc of the universe bends slowly, but it bends inevitably towards justice.” – Jerry Colonna

“We’re hoping to create a platform where people can do meaningful work in the world and put their shoulder to the wheel of the work that’s in front of us.” – Jerry Colonna

“There’s perhaps the delusion in this country that we can measure happiness with single metric dollars.” – Tarikh Korula

“Those of us who are privileged enough to be considered a leader and perhaps burdened enough to be considered a leader, I think have a moral obligation to speak.” – Jerry Colonna