Reboot Podcast Episode #85 – Leading and Living with Integrity – with Shelly Francis

The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.

Episode 85 // June 14, 2018


Shelly Francis

Shelly Francis

Author, Marketing and Communications Director at The Center for Courage & Renewal

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Episode Description

Courage takes many forms, but how do we inject courage into our lives, our relationships, and how we build and tackle problems in our businesses? On this episode of the Reboot Podcast, Jerry is joined by Shelly Francis, Marketing and Communications Director for The Center for Courage and Renewal, and author of, The Courage Way: Leading and Living with Integrity.

In their conversation, Shelly and Jerry propose that the bedrock of leading with courage stems from our willingness to be open, honest, and vulnerable, not only with ourselves but with others. When we step into our wholeness, finding alignment between the inner and outer, the doors open, allowing us to lead and live our lives with integrity. From that place, we can lean on the foundations of trust we’ve built in our communities and our organizations to tackle the difficult moments when they arise.

Shelly Francis on Twitter | The Courage Way: Leading and Living with Integrity | The Center for Courage and Renewal | The Möbius Strip

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Show Highlights

Top Quotes:

“Courage is the energy that comes from our heart that motivates us in times of trouble, of stress…our deep inner core. Who we are when we’re in those moments of courage, I believe, that’s when we’re meeting our true self.” – Shelly Francis

“If we’re saying that we’re leading from the heart or leading from within, we’re leading from our wholeness and a sense of self-awareness where we know now only our strengths, but we also know our limits and our challenges and so we can be more transparent, we can be more present and aware of how we’re bringing ourselves and how we’re showing up as leaders.” – Shelly Francis

“How do we risk letting people know who we really are so that we can overcome our isolation, and just really be true to each other and true to ourselves?” – Shelly Francis

“I just love the idea of creative courage because it’s a sense of finding what’s true for you and connecting to your meaning and passions from inside.” – Shelly Francis

“If I as a leader, bring my heart and my energy to create something new, or to create a sense of possibility, then it feels like it creates that vacuum that brings even more people in so that we can move forward together.” – Shelly Francis

“Knowing oneself, understanding one’s own possibilities, one’s own limitations, one’s own strengths, one’s own negative attributes, one’s own positive attributes…there’s a kind of integrity that’s called forth which is inner and outer of alignment, which then allows the ability to step into the Tragic Gap, and so we stand there between … with our wholeness. And then, from that place, we begin to see what is possible and we begin to see the world as it truly is, its brokenness, its wholeness, its resources, its capabilities, and its impediments and its obstacles, all of it, and then we choose to act.” – Jerry Colonna

“What does it feel like when you go inward and really look inward at your life, but you keep moving, you keep moving forward and you come back out and you bring what you learn out.” – Shelly Francis

“This outer world is taking a toll on me, I need to go back inward and integrate what I’m learning, what I’m feeling and fortify myself and come back out.” – Shelly Francis

“When the world feels too much with us…the place we go for strength, the place we go for nourishment and replenishment is inside.” – Jerry Colonna

“Learning to trust your inner self, your true self and learning to trust other people and community and what’s out there in the world, that’s what puts it together and enables the flow from inner to outer, is trust.” – Shelly Francis

“Trust is the outcome that grows out of our behavior.” – Jerry Colonna

“All problems in organizations are people problems, and all people problems are communications problems.” – Khalid Halim

“An essential element of courage, of leading with courage is the willingness to have open, honest, agenda-free, vulnerable, truthful conversation.” – Jerry Colonna

“When the going gets rough, turn to wonder.” – Shelly Francis

“You don’t always have to be here to fix, or save, or advise another person, you can just listen.” – Shelly Francis

“The invitation to not fix takes courage.” – Jerry Colonna

“To not fix means I have to sit in the place of it being unfixed, and uncertain and unsure of the outcome, and that feels an awful lot like a conversation that has a lot of silence in it.” – Shelly Francis

“I have found whether it’s with coaching, or in group work, or just simply being in relationships with other humans, there is a dialogue that is occurring even when the words are not flowing… slowing down and allowing intentionality to rise, may be the call that creates more opportunity for creative expression for genuine authentic expression to arise.” – Jerry Colonna

“The ego is all on the resonate, but the soul stories are the truth of who we are is whole human beings.” – Shelly Francis