Reboot Your Board

“My biggest advice would be that you get the Board you deserve. Meaning, if you don’t work to make a great board, one that is diverse, with multiple independents, not full to the brim with investors, and has real leadership via a Board Chair that you select, well, then you get what you deserve.” – Fred Wilson

There are a lot of things which, in my old age, I repeat like some doddering fool. One of my classic lines is, “I’ve never seen a good board guarantee a company’s success but sure as shit have seen a bad board guarantee a company’s failure.”

Okay. So that’s not wholly true. But it does make the point that a poorly functioning board of directors, especially for a company where the CEO is a first-timer, can make it impossible for the company to realize it’s fullest potential. From self-optimizing on behalf of their funds to, I kid you not, sexually-harassing senior leaders, board members demonstrate the all-too human frailties that the rest of us are capable of.

So what’s a CEO to do?

At Reboot, we’re famous for helping leaders discover their authentic leadership style and to hone their innate strengths while learning to work with their challenges. But we don’t merely focus on what we refer to as radical self-inquiry; we also emphasize some of the most important practical skills we all need to succeed.

In this latest complimentary course, Reboot Your Board, we take you through the practical challenges of growing and developing a high functioning board. As Brad Feld, Fred Wilson, and I discuss, the board-leadership relationship doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, it can be one of the most rewarding aspects of your leadership journey. When done well, the board-CEO partnership can help each party grow and become the best possible person they can be–all while supporting the core purpose and mission of the business.

We hope you enjoy this latest course.