Reboot Podcast Episode #116 – When Old Maps No Longer Work – with Dylan Bowman

The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.

Episode 116 // December 5, 2019


Dylan Bowman

Dylan Bowman

Long-distance Runner

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Episode Description

In this episode of the Reboot Podcast, we welcome professional ultramarathon runner Dylan Bowman. After an explosive season of personal successes on the race circuit, Dylan shares how an abrupt series of injuries and unexpected setbacks rattled his perceptions of control and precipitated questions about identity and self-worth.

Conversing with Jerry, Dylan expands on how the obstacles he’s faced have provided the opportunity for reflection and personal growth. Dylan recognizes that talking honestly and openly about his adversities lessens his feelings of loneliness and opens his heart to the salve of community. Jerry emphasizes the power of wounds and implores Dylan to remember this period of pain and adversity and allow his experience to broaden his capacity to extend compassion to others. As a final offering, Jerry proposes how working with feelings around attachment and grief could benefit Dylan on his journey of radical self-inquiry.

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Show Highlights

Top Quotes:

“I didn’t really take that opportunity to give myself the time that I needed to rest and heal, even though clearly I think that’s what my body and the universe was sort of telling me to do at the time.” – Dylan Bowman

“I have had this visceral sense of just being clenched.” – Dylan Bowman

“Me as a person and me as an athlete have both been out of sync.” – Dylan Bowman

“I’ve always  enjoyed sport because there is that level of control over your own destiny.” – Dylan Bowman

“Sport has always been sort of like the core of my life. And that’s why my identity is always been so wrapped up in it.” – Dylan Bowman

“The external can’t be your main source of internal satisfaction.” – Dylan Bowman

“Sharing my experiences as an injured athlete, and the hardships and lessons that come from it is probably more valuable to the people who follow me than pictures of me holding trophies.” – Dylan Bowman

“Even those among us who seem best off are dealing with their own stuff.” – Dylan Bowman

“It’s all a process. And part of that process, part of what we are seeking is, to continue evolving, and integration of the experiences. We don’t ever arrive at the place where we are done.” – Jerry Colonna