Reboot Podcast Episode Extras #5 – Women’s Conversations: Making Space for Your Own Truth

The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.

Extra 5 // November 22, 2019


Ali Schultz

Ali Schultz

Reboot Co-Founder, Coach & Facilitator

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Heather Jassy

Heather Jassy

Senior Reboot Coach & Facilitator

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Episode Description

This Reboot Extra marks first of a Women’s Conversation series, a collaborative discussion with Reboot’s coaches who identify as women, on the realities of women in work in life. We’ll go broad and deep on a bosom-full of topics that can weigh on a woman’s heart; finding solidarity as we weave insight from a range of well-hewn threads of wisdom – our own experience as women in the workplace, as mothers, healers, and coaches.

In this first episode, Reboot Co-founder Ali Schultz and fellow senior coach Heather Jassy acknowledge and reflect on the many ways in which women are affected by gender biases in the workplace and the ways in which those barriers can distort and conflate their notions of value and self-worth. Ali and Heather discuss the ‘crabs in a bucket’ theory and unpack the phenomenon of tall poppy syndrome. Finally, they highlight the importance of setting boundaries, making space, and connecting to your truth.

*Please note that this episode contains explicit language and may not be suitable for young ears.

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Show Highlights

Top Quotes: 

“It’s a systemic problem but we experience it as an individual problem often and internalize it.” – Heather Jassy

“For women and people of color, there’s not only imposter syndrome, but you are being judged on tone, presentation, style points, instead of the substance of your work.” – Heather Jassy

“Make space for your own truth, because the world is very loud and it’ll tell you that your reality is not actually true.” – Heather Jassy

“While we’re hanging out waiting, we’re not taking enough risk, we’re not talking in meetings, we’re not touting our successes, we’re not asking for that juicy role.” – Heather Jassy

“There is a much smaller range of acceptable emotion tolerated in women in the workplace. “ – Heather Jassy

 “We all carry different wounds and all this collective bullshit we have to deal with touches different wounds in each of us.” – Heather Jassy

“Are we insecure? Do we not trust each other? Do we not trust ourselves? Have we somehow been indoctrinated to not find community in each other?” – Ali Schultz

“The inequities that we face are real. But it’s how we internalize those situations and the much larger message around who we are supposed to be that determines what we make of ourselves and the ripples that we make in the world.” – Ali Schultz

“We believe that the beginning of the way out is through self-knowledge and understanding your wounds. You don’t have to wait until the wounds are healed to start moving forward.” – Heather Jassy

“Every night I go to bed and I steep in like the most burning desire I have for the thing that I wanna manifest in this lifetime. I operate in the world with such a clear knowing of what I want.” – Ali Schultz

“If you can’t say no, you have to learn to say no so that you can actually choose to say yes.” – Heather Jassy

“It takes so much bravery just to stand and to be who we are.” – Ali Schultz