Reboot Podcast Episode #138 – Hardwired for Joy (re-release) – with Ingrid Fetell Lee

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Ingrid Fetell Lee

Ingrid Fetell Lee

Designer and Author

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Episode Description

When the disquiet and unease of turbulent times weigh heavy on our hearts, can opening ourselves up to joy provide respite from the loads we carry? Ingrid Fetell Lee, designer and author of Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness, joins Jerry for an exploration of how the experience of joy can serve as a balm in times of crisis.

In this episode, Jerry and Ingrid define joy (and how it can be differentiated from happiness) and consider the role it plays in our lives. Ingrid describes how humans are hardwired to find joy and underscores the extraordinary ways in which it serves to combat stress and fortify resiliency in times of adversity. Ingrid reminds us that times of stillness can broaden our capacity for finding delight in ordinary moments, and how those small joys can sustain us in arduous times.

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Show Highlights

Top Quotes:

“When we feel joy, we feel it not just in our minds, we also feel it in our bodies.” – Ingrid Fetell Lee

“You don’t have to be happy to feel joy.” – Ingrid Fetell Lee

“Cultivating moments of joy may be the antiviral supplement that we all need.” – Jerry Colonna

“Biologically, joy is absolutely essential, as essential as love.” – Ingrid Fetell Lee

“There are times when we must suspend certain joys, and the promise of others is what will sustain us.” – Ingrid Fetell Lee

“You can have moments of bittersweetness, you can have moments of joy that feel poignant, that feel powerful within a crisis, just as you can have disappointments within an incredibly happy time, and those two things exist in parallel.” – Ingrid Fetell Lee

“There are peculiar joys of hard times. There are very peculiar joys that you will not discover until you are in them. There is a joy in slowness, there is a joy in being home all the time.” – Ingrid Fetell Lee

“In the busyness of our lives, we overlook the possibilities of joy.” – Jerry Colonna

“There’s work happening now, even if we’re not actively pursuing it.” – Ingrid Fetell Lee