Reboot Podcast Episode #139 – Embodied Leadership – with Sydnie L. Mosley

The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.


Sydnie L. Mosley

Sydnie L. Mosley

artist-activist and educator

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Episode Description

Sydnie L. Mosley is an artist-activist, educator, and Artistic Director of SLM Dances, a New York City-based collective of women and nonbinary people who tackle issues of race and gender through experimental dance. In this conversation, Sydnie shares how expression through dance necessitates deep presence and connection to our bodies and highlights the ways in which its practice supports self-actualization and living into the fullness of our humanity. Jerry and Sydnie contemplate the real consequences and untold harm disembodiment has had on our organizations and in our communities, and why coming home to ourselves allows for connection, empathy, compassion to ripple out through the circles we inhabit.

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Show Highlights

Top Quotes:

“I don’t exist as a single human in this world. I’m a relational person. We are all relational beings. It’s important to name the ways that we are connected in the world.” – Sydnie L. Mosley

“When those of us who hold power move away from humanity, we create problems in the world around us. When those of us move towards humanity, we create solutions and opportunity.” – Jerry Colonna

“What I hope to do with my work, and especially in my work with SLM Dances, is leverage my privileges to restore some balance for the parts of myself and the communities that I’m connected to that don’t have those same privileges.” – Sydnie L. Mosley

“Often I find myself modeling or asking folks to give themselves their own permission to show up. To be in the practice of self-actualizing. To be in the practice of speaking up for yourself. To be in the practice of paying attention and listening to your body.” – Sydnie Mosley

“People need to be just in the practice of being in their bodies. Our culture is so disembodied it drives me nuts.” – Sydnie Mosley

“There is no distinction between leader and led, leader and follower. There is just us collaboratively creating the community known as our organization, our society, our people.” – Jerry Colonna

“Dare I say that the disembodiment that we spoke about may be one of the ways in which white supremacy and patriarchy manifest themselves.” – Jerry Colonna

“What’s going to happen if we all fully occupy our bodies? What’s going to happen if we all have permission to be ourselves?” – Jerry Colonna

“I truly believe that if everyone led from the place of their fullest joy, that everything we needed would be taken care of.” – Sydnie Mosley

“In dance, a lot of times we talk about balance is not a place to arrive at, but balance is a practice. It is a journey.” – Sydnie Mosley

“My fervent wish is that, coming out of the dumpster fire that is 2020, that this spark turns into embers, which turns into a flame, which kinda heats and energizes the rest of us.” – Jerry Colonna