Reboot Podcast Episode #149 – Tending the Garden of Democracy – with Amy McGrath

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Amy McGrath

Amy McGrath

Retired US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, author, and Founder of Honor Bound

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Episode Description

Amy McGrath is a retired US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, the founder of Honor Bound – a 501(c)(4) nonpartisan organization committed to leadership development for women with a service background and encouraging those women to run for elected office, and a proud Kentuckian to boot. 

Amy sits down with Jerry to chat about her time in the military, how it shaped her views on service and honor, and why she felt compelled to run for the US Senate in the 2020 election. Amy discusses her new book, Honor Bound: An American Story of Dreams and Service and shares the valuable leadership lessons she’s learned over the course of her career; the pair address the threat of complacency and share why democracy, like a garden, requires constant tending.


Show Highlights

Top Quotes:

“Those of us who are patriots have to stand up and do the hard things.” – Amy McGrath

“We have to be involved and that’s what patriotism is.” – Amy McGrath

“One of the things that I worry about with our country right now is complacency. We cannot get complacent. That’s what’s going to really hurt our country.” – Amy McGrath

“Even though we lost both campaigns, we really ran races that I’m extremely proud of.” – Amy McGrath

“You have to get yourself, through hard work, into a position where you can win and make a difference.” – Amy McGrath

“You know, part of running for office is not just winning or losing, some of it is getting your voice out there and speaking up.” – Amy McGrath

“Part of my job to inspire people to love our country and believe in our democracy is to help candidates who understand what honor is think about running and to support them in running.” – Amy McGrath

“Be inspired to be informed; be inspired to be engaged; be inspired to go into that voting booth or depending on your State, vote from home. Go and be informed. That is a way of serving as well.” – Jerry Colonna

“I never got anything overnight. It is a long, hard struggle, but those of us who are patriots are going to have to pick up the pack.” – Amy McGrath

“Democracy needs to be tended to like a garden needs to be weeded.” – Jerry Colonna

“Being an active part of what is going on in this country politically is absolutely protecting this country. It’s so important.” – Amy McGrath

“What kind of country do you want our children to inherit? Because we are the ones that inherited this that we have now. What are we going to give to them?” – Amy McGrath



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